Thursday, June 23, 2022

Transgender Males Competing Against Women Will Be the Death of Women's Sports


On June 23, 1972 we enacted Title IX so women’s sports would have a chance to expand and flourish
Women would now be able to compete in team and solitary sports that character, discipline and focus nourish
Men’s football and basketball still are the cash cows that for other sports provide needed support
But women’s basketball, volleyball and gymnastics contribute to insure athletic programs are not cash short
No longer could a woman’s connection with athletics be limited to being a cheerleader, fan or date
That the passage of Title IX was a godsend to the nation and sports despite early misgivings no longer subject to debate
But in our often expanding woke world Title IX faces its biggest challenge yet
Transgender biological males competing against biological women is an unfair threat
In our misguided woke world sex is determined not by chromosomes but how one identifies
But the larger male muscles and lungs are still there on which the transgender still relies

There may be exceptions like Cathy Ledecky who against males might prevail from time to time in the pool
But in any contest where strength and speed are necessary males winning the medals will be the rule
We don’t allow athletes to use performance enhancing drugs and then be able to compete
Why should be allow transgenders with identity enhancement competing females defeat
Rather than address the issue through hormone injections and levels create a third class
Men against men, women against women, transgenders versus transgenders though doubtful support for the T’s would last
© June 23, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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