Tuesday, June 21, 2022

"Sunless" Sunny Hostin Rants Reds Are Running on Problems While Blues Run on Solutions--Gas Prices? Crime? Border Security?


If you want to be exposed to an overwhelming dose of bias turn on The View
Nothing but ad hominem attacks on the Reds from these women without a clue
Sunless Hostin was ranting that the baby food shortage is due to Reds failing to a baby formula bill pass
That failed to increase production and address the problem that on Abbot’s shutdown warnings the FDA sat on its ass
She had the audacity to serve up the red meat for her partisan viewers that the Reds are running on problems but not solutions
Ignoring that fact that a large part of inflation is due to Biden’s fossil fuels war and his printing of trillions contribution
And silent on the impact of leftist D.A.’s and budget cuts for police in cities run by Blues
Along with the open border where over two million illegals and massive amounts of deadly drugs are coming through
The View still is in the daytime TV slot top five
But the number of viewers has been taking a dive
Is it because more women are returning to work
Or is it the McCain a sole voice of reason to check the bias that lurks
Is no longer there as a balance check
Why more viewers The View rejects.
© June 21, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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