Friday, June 17, 2022

"Malicious" Misgendering or Misnaming in Fairfax County Can Get 5 Year Olds Suspended Huh?


We have known for years that the ivory towers have long been bastions of woke
The idea they represent oases of academic freedom and inquiry long revoked
But now the wokeness indoctrinated in students and schools of higher learning
Is on a relentless advance down the educational food chain which is most concerning
From high schools to middle school to elementary and even at kindergarten and preschool does not stop
Critical Race Theory, Gender Identity, Cancel Culture and the PC wars there are being taught
While reading and math scores continue to fall and fail to our students for life in a complex world prepare
Too many students are graduating or dropping out almost functionally illiterate unable to complete even job questionnaires
With woke crammed down their throats but lacking basic educational skills
Too many facing a life of unemployment or low skilled jobs unable to pay their bills
More likely to turn to drugs, crime or in a last resort suicide
Collateral damage caused by the rising woke tide
In Fairfax County the school board will be adding misgendering and deadnaming to suspension list
Using him instead of her or Michael instead of Michelle and your right to stay in school ceases to exist
No more in elementary schools of reading, writing and arithmetic
But CRT, Gender Identity and Cancel Culture beaten into the students with a suspension stick
© June 17, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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