Thursday, June 9, 2022

Gascon Blames Everyone But His Record and Policies For Impending Recall Election


In Feces City Gascon’s procriminal bro
Voters have voted that it’s time for him to go
With some 50,000 signatures more to a recall petition obtain
Getting closer for this other procriminal D.A. to flush down the drain
Yet still delusional at everything and everyone other than him points the finger of blame
Ignoring the fact when the finger is pointed three point at the pointer back
And the thumb out to hitch a ride to Hell that procriminal D.A.’s should attract
When 9 out of 10 deputy D.A.’s want  him to his office leave
Such an ego he must possess to think a win in the recall he will achieve
When enough signatures to force a recall have been collected and verified
It is almost a certainty that his removal will not be denied
Hopefully across the nation to the Soros funded D.A.’s this message will be sent
You on the recall wagon will be next and Soros will grieve that his money was not well spent
People have to in their homes, offices, shops, churches and places of entertainment
Have to feel that they are safe and will not face being to a morgue or emergency ward be sent
There should be a Boudin and Gascon like recall wave
To send those procriminal D.A.’s to an early political grave
© June 9, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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