Monday, June 27, 2022

First NY Conceal Carry Permit Struck Down; More Restrictive California Next?

 As gun violence sweeps across the urban areas of this nation
Overwhelmed police and soft on criminals D.A. seem helpless to stop public safety ruination
Young men of color are shooting and killing almost exclusively other young browns and blacks
Along with innocent bystanders in the wrong place and wrong time collateral damage from the shooting attacks
SCOTUS overshadowed by the Dobbs decision overturning Roe v. Wade
The day before ruled that New York’s concealed carry permits had from the 2nd unconstitutionally strayed
Requiring a law abiding citizen to demonstrate “a special need” to exercise his self-defense right
Is about as stupid as requiring a man to carry only a knife or his bare hands to a gunfight
In California also awash in increasing  violent crime only Oakland at 18 is in the top 20 murder rate
But California has the most restrictive concealed carry requirements that should cause the court to them abrogate
To get a permit one has to be of good moral character and facing or having his family face an immediate threat to safety
That is a barrier and bar that few will be able to climb
Ignores the drive-by, road rage, and mass shootings in public places that too often come to
With police leaving the force by leaps and bounds
There will never be response quick enough before the gun shots sound
A concealed gun carrying person in all but a few cases will face no prior immediate threat to his safety only wrong place at wrong time
Be a witness to an armed violent illegal activity and have to resort to drawing his gun to stop the threat to himself or the crime

© 6/27/2022 The Alaskanpoet 

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