Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Abbott Stepping In To Do An AWOL Biden on the Border Attacked By Harris For Politicizing Over 50 Illegals In a Semi Being Smuggled Into U.S.


Harris the misnamed MIA Border Czar on the deadliest smuggling killings we have ever seen
Attacks Governor Abbott for “going political” as from the hands of the Administration the blood she tries to clean
While the Jean-Pierre the White House Press Secretary in a moment of the Emperor Having New Clothes
Has the temerity to proclaim the border is closed and the exact opposite the conga line across the Rio Grande shows
Nice try Harris and Jean-Pierre but to no avail
Cannot hide the Biden Administration on the border total fail
Blues are in a desperate midterm November race
Will inflation, crime, and border security Roe overturn rage erase
“It’s the economy stupid,” Bill Clinton once wisely said
No matter the other issues pocket bock issues will the drive the election instead
Even the attempt by the biased January 6 Committee with its RINO Reds
To fool the voters with a narrative that to the Capitol an insurrection was trying to have led
Cannot deflect the reality that this nation is in a world of hurt
Caused by Biden’s policies responsibility for which he continues to skirt
© 6/29/2022 The Alaskanpoet

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