Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Biden Gets 4 Pinocchio's For Saying He Is Doing Everything To Lower Gas Prices


Once again Biden must think we are so stupid we won’t catch his biggest lie
To reduce gas prices he is doing everything he can try
Save one which would actually work
But drive his Green New Dealers berserk
Restart Keystone XL construction that would have had it not been killed
Would be delivering close to a million barrels of oil to lower gas bills
End the ban on offshore and onshore federal leases
And from the regulations preventing pipeline from those field cease
Reopen Cook Inlet and drilling on ANWR and create a realistic transition plan
That addresses how many refineries, power plants and fossil fuels we will need in this land
If refiners know that over the 20 year or so life of a refinery they will be able to be operated
They will not join the ranks of those shut down or output abated
Fossil fuels have to be the bridge to the near zero carbon future shores of prosperity
If no Biden truce we will end up with a pier nowhere near and climate change ravaging our posterity
© June 22, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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