Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Another Nail in the Gascon Recall Coffin as Killer of 2 Cops in El Monte Was on Probation for 2 Years After Being a Felon With a GuncopAS

 The video of a mom and her stroller run over by a hit and run driver who Gascon sentenced to a 5 month camp

Had to be another nail in the Gascon recall coffin to the recall supporters’ efforts be amped
2 El Monte cops were killed the other day responding to a stabber who was trying to his victim slay
It should come as no surprise the killer was released on probation in 2021 for a felony for 2 years after serving 20 days
If convicted he with 2 prior prison terms could have been sentenced to up to 3 years and the 2 cops would be alive today
Add 2 more victims leaving wives and kids to Gascon’s soft of criminals policies that stink
When it comes to safety in Los Angeles he is the weakest of the links
Residents of L.A. County are sick and tired of Gascon’s weak policies on crime
Recall petition supporters have just collected 30,000 more in just 2 days’ time
They have collected enough signatures to put the recall on the ballot this fall
But still collecting to insure invalid signatures collected do not the effort stall
We should all mourn the 2 lives lost and our grief should not be refrained
But if the killings produced a voter signature surge their lives will not have been lost in vain
The silver lining to the suffering mere mortals are incurring under the violent crime waves
Is that another D.A. in Philadelphia is facing impeachment and his office seat he may not save
Hopefully the growing list of mostly Soros backed D.A.’s
Will soon face the recall or impeachment axe and be sent away
© June 15, 2022 The Alaskanpoet 

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