Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Governor Whitmer Labels Menstruating Females As Persons Backs Suspension of Federal Gas Tax But Not Federal--Call Her Witless Whitmer

 Gretchen Whitmer from the Wolverine State lack of rationality takes the cake
Calls on Biden that if he does not suspend the federal gasoline tax that would be a grave mistake
At only 18 cents a gallon the relief provided to suffering motorists would be miniscule
Would keep prices high to continue the Blue push for EV’s powered not by fossil fuel
But would give Blues a platform to deceive the voters that they have their best interests at heart
But a bill passed in Michigan to state gas tax of 27 cents she was quick to a veto impart
Instead of calling for more drilling which would the rise in prices prevent 
She is enamored by states' suspension or 18 cents
but not the addition of 27 cents to total 45
That might help struggling families have a better chance to the impending recession survive
But in the Biden promoted switch to EV’s might slow down buying more EV’s trend
In her world and world of the Elite Green New Dealers rising gas prices is a windfall godsend
Fitting and proper that any governor labeling menstruating females as “menstruating persons”
Who must be out of touch with biological reality spouting policies that Michigan’s economy worsen
Merits as the only proper name “Witless Whitmer”
As 5 Reds on the ballot to see who opposes her appear
One of whom was arrested for alleged involvement on January 6th protests which Blues want us to fear
Total mess with claims of false signatures from the “Wild Wild West”
5 Reds disqualified and signature gatherers for who may now face arrest

6/21/2022 The Alaskanpoet

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