Friday, June 3, 2022

California Appellate Court Confirmed that Leftist D.A. Gascon Not Following Three Strikes Law


If you are a two strike felon in the County of L.A.
Facing a third strike and an enhancement George Gascon is your D.A.
On taking office this ultra-leftist handed down the rule
In third strike cases even if prior violent strikes you do not seek the sentence enhancement tool
His deputies rebelled and wanted observance of the law to prevail
A Superior Court ruled that Gascon on observing the law had failed
An Appellate Court has confirmed ruling Gascon is not a king
Great joys to the recall movement this ruling will bring
Gascon’s idea of criminal justice has been to the acts of felons Lady Justice is blind
Concern over victims’ safety and security is to be left far behind
Ideas of equality, racism, lack of opportunity and bias must their felonies allay
No wonder we see a wave of violent crime from smash and grab to murder in the County of L.A.
Citizens suffering under the policies of Gascon fearful for their lives
Hope the ruling will mean the recall efforts prevail and the rule of law will be revived
©  June 3, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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