Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Gillum Indicted on Wire Fraud Florida Voters Breathing Sigh of Relief They Voted For DeSantis


Floridians who voted for DeSantis for governor in 2018 must be showing that “I told you so look”
The DOJ announced that his opponent Andrew Gillum has been indicted as a wire fraud crook
Gillum has been charged for during 2016 to 2019 diverting campaign contributions to his own personal use
He may have thought he was above the law as it is alleged he solicited from FBI agents to the law abuse
The former Tallahassee Mayor like any politician in a corrupt political scheme
Immediately ranted the charges were political as his campaigns were run with integrity to the extreme
With Merrick Garland in charge of a politicized DOJ
Evidence must have been compelling ere the charges would have faded away
Voters must be sighing a sigh of relief
An indicted governor would bring the state a lot of grief
It looks like Gillum’s true character after his loss came to light
In 2019 an ethics violation and in 2020 found unresponsive in a motel with meth in sight
Denied he had used meth but was off to rehab for alcohol
Florida was lucky they chose not to elect him after his DeSantis election brawl
© June 22, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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