Friday, June 10, 2022

Stephanie Ruhle Makes a Fool of Herself on Morning Joe Claiming Reds Want Inflation and Have No Ideas on How To Curb It Huh?


There are only few things positive one can say about leftist biased CNN’s Stephanie Ruhle
For a poet it is a godsend her name rhymes with fool
And that she’s aping being a journalist while being a DNC tool
And since her high water mark in April 2021 of 1.4 million to 801 thousand she has cooled
On Morning Joe on inflation numbers hitting another record high
She claimed Reds had no ideas on stopping inflation only joyous that Blue reelection hopes would die
She is supposed to be an economics wiz
But that comment proves she knows nothing about inflation biz
Major component of inflation is the cost of energy suffering from Biden’s fossil fuels war
The reason prices and the pump were long before Putin’s war beginning to soar
Since every good to reach us travels by ship, plane, rail, truck or van that cost increase our pocket books hit
Reds want us to produce more fossil fuels while moving toward more renewables which will lower inflation a bit
And the main cause of inflation they want to slay
End the trillions of stimulus spending that will keep inflation from going away
Ruhle thinks inflation is the Reds’ false flag
Imposing misery on the nation so the false narrative of insurrection they can bag
Proves Ruhle
Is a fool!
© 6/10/22 The Alaskanpoet

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