Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Biden Blame Game On Gas Prices Shifts from Putin to Oil Companies But His War on Fossil Fuels Still to Blame


When anything goes wrong in Biden’s Administration the reflex and default action is to blame Trump
Each day that passes after January 20, 2021 the rationale for such blame is quicker to in the trash heap dump
Inflation at the gas pump is the economic headache of the day
And with Biden’s war on fossil fuels such pain is not going to go away
Biden can only point at someone else the finger of blame
On any problem the reflex is “It’s someone else’s fault game”
The gas price inflation culprit was first Putin who invaded Ukraine
Only problem was that price rises the day he took office were no longer contained
Can’t blame Trump as would be by the facts nailed same with Putin so another villain has to be impaled
Has to be the greedy oil companies making obscene profits the wrath of Biden has railed
Ignores the drop in production as leases cancelled and urging that lending to drillers banks refrain
This cognitively inept president cannot accept the fact his policies are flushing domestic energy production down the drain
Moving from fossil fuels to zero carbon is a noble goal that cannot take place over night
Slowly but surely more EV’s being produced with charging stations will lessen our rising gas prices plight
But if we do not produce enough to supply exceed demand and prices then fall
Most Americans won’t save enough to go to the EV car buying mall
© June 15, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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