Tuesday, June 28, 2022

101 Year Old Member of the SS Sentenced To 5 Years in Prison As Accessory To Murder in Concentration Camp


The wheels of justice may slowly move but at least they move
A trial of a 101 year old member of the SS as an accessory to murder proved
The man known only as Joseph S claimed he was  only a laborer at a Nazi concentration camp
The prosecution and court was not swayed that he was probably a grand gramp
Found guilty as an accessory to the murder of 3500 Jews from 1942 to 45
Sentenced to 5 years and unlikely he will not leave prison alive
77 years have passed since the horror the Holocaust finally came to end
Memories of the inhumanity may have faded and the message of the crime the court wanted to send
Sadly despite the deaths of over 6 million Jews the world seems to have forgot
The inhumanity and heinous nature that genocide has wrought
Look to the slaughter of Muslims in India, the killing fields of Cambodia by the Khmer Rouge
Rwanda and the Chinese concentrations camps of the Uyghurs to see we have not lost the genocidal urges
Hitler was said not to be deterred from the Holocaust against the Jews
By the lack of condemnation of the Turks once their genocide of Armenians was through
The Israeli vow of “Never Again” will become a vow without teeth
If the world forgets the evil of genocide and arms against it remain sheathed

© June 28, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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