Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Finally the Deadliest Border Crossing May Force DHS Action To Secure the Border


Watching Biden and his inept Administration is like watching a game of Whack-A-Mo without a hammer
Violent crime surges in our cities with residents gunned down like flies and shooters not caught or released on no cash bail from the slammer
The wave of killings of men of color by men of color overwhelm the senses to feelings numb
Then a new crisis erupts like surging gas prices fueling inflation caused by policies off the chart dumb
From energy independence the day he took office to domestic oil production a casualty of his fossil fuels war
Putting food on the table for low income families and the middle class becoming a difficult chore
Something so critical to survive for many a new born baby formula from the shelves shorn
Contamination at an Abbott Lab and ignoring the crisis despite many efforts to warn
An open border with record numbers of illegals released into the interior with promises to in the future at hearings appear
About as likely as the felons released on cashless bail who remove ankle tracking bracelets and gun in hand at another crime reappear

Outright lies from the heads of DHS that the border is closed
When daily the tidal wave of illegals TV broadcasts shows
Migrants drowning, dying in the desert, raped and being trafficked to daily our senses dull
24/7 always increasing in numbers without any decrease or lull
Finally our senses are no longer dulled and become very acute
48 illegals dead in an abandoned semi with 14 hospitalized to the border is secure claim refute
When do we in unbridled moral outrage finally scream  “enough”
And force Biden to his open border policy be into the trash bins be stuffed
© 6/28/22 The Alaskanpoet

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