Friday, June 3, 2022

Killing the 2nd Amendment Is Like Killing a Lobster For Dinner

 The playbook for banning the 2nd Amendment seems similar to the way to a lobster deceive

Into a vat of cold water creating no immediate fear to an escape achieve
Slowly raise the temperature until the lobster realizes an escape is too
Soon the boiling water turns the lobster red and soon thereafter it’s on your plate
If the water is boiling you can almost hear it scream and you push down on the lid
Otherwise with its powerful tail will fly out and across a wet floor skid
The latest Blue effort to gut the Second Amendment apes how to a lobster kill
Conceal its effects by calling it The Protecting Our Kids Bill
In a two pronged effort attack “assault weapons” that with the military and police only belong
The idea that not well trained citizens have them for protection and hunting is wrong
Images of Bambi chased by hunters with large magazines if the first shot from a bolt action rifle fails
The idea of a sporting chance for the hunted no longer prevails
If the “assault rifle” ban does not succeed
Rail against high capacity magazines no one should really need
If they a successful and high capacity magazines are banned from the land
Semi-automatic pistols mostly with high cap magazine will be banned
God help us from felons in a defund the police environment
If all we have are revolvers or bolt action arms to harm to us prevent
© June 3, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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