Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Lemon Is Acting More Like a Real Journalist In Defending Questions on Biden's Age and Cognitive Competence


This poet has attacked Don Lemon as a pseudo journalist more like a car
After purchase and leaving the lot it breaks down and rarely goes very far
Always in the shop undergoing expensive repairs
The idea of reliability in a lemon is never there
But perhaps I may have been somewhat wrong
And traits of journalistic integrity in him belongs
Biden’s new press secretary to replace Psaki has gotten off to a rough start
As Biden’s golden boy luster fades and softball questions more and more depart
More and more hardball questions  that question the wisdom of his actions
Our new press secretary retreats into reading non responsive talking points in reaction
On the issue of Biden’s age and the effects on his mental state
And more and more the question of dementia is raised in the debate
Jean-Pierre blasted journalists who are raising the issue of Biden’s age
Lemon responded that’s what journalists are supposed to do as doubt over his competency rage
Had Biden not been able to hide in the campaign in his basement bunker
Forced to go on the campaign trail he would have been exposed as a frail, mental clunker
One hopes that Lemon’s new found journalistic quest
Will continue and not quickly put back to rest
© 6/15/22 The Alaskanpoet

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