Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Swalwell Living the Life of a Super-Rich Riley Thanks to "Campaign Contributions"


Eric Swalwell is the epitome of a hypocrite parasite whose spending habits any controls lack
Sadly in this Blue state the voters keep sending this ex-Fang Fang paramour to the Swamp back
With dollars contributed by most likely favor seeking fools
First class only flights, luxury hotel suites, gourmet dinners and fine wines his normal rule
His expenditures with campaign funds total thousands in spending sprees
Living the life of a super-rich Riley
While his constituents like all Americans are hammered by inflation blows
Gas prices off the charts along with everything else every day is more food on the table woe
But Eric with his campaign dollars feels no pain
No need for him to his first class life style contain
Campaigns are expensive with TV ads, staff and campaign events
What if laws would campaign contributions for personal expenditures prevent
Or at least impose a reasonable cap
Would help to avoid falling into the lobbyist beholding to trap
But with leftist spendthrifts like Swalwell in Congress not a chance
Campaign expenditures limitations will never advance
© June 7, 2022 The Alaskanpoet  

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