Saturday, June 4, 2022

Along With Hardening the Schools a First Step to Come Together on the Issue of Mass Shootings


Hunting rifles may be semi-automatic to shoot whenever the trigger is pulled without having to manually a bullet insert
Small caliber for hunting varmints to kill but not destroy and with larger animals able to inflict a world of hurt
A semiautomatic rifle used by the military has a large magazine and the ability to switch to full automatic and three shot burst
Except the iconic AK-47 which can only switch for semiautomatic to full auto to quench your bullet spraying thirst
With such lethality a rifle with semi-auto, full auto even without the burst is called an “assault rifle”
Even well-armed police facing such a gun would not want to trifle
Take away the full auto switch and prevent the owner from installing a bump stock
And to the left will come as a shock
That you do not have an assault gun they feel they must ban
Since a majority of mass shootings and shooting deaths do not involve “assault guns” but rather high magazine hand guns
A time to focus on the magazine size but not a bar so small confiscation of pistols would have to have begun
Background checks for all sales, more red flag laws to entail and banning of really high magazines for shells
And if your limit on capacity was equal to that of security for our elected leaders and appoint officials a control step easy to sell
Couple the effort with a true hardening of our schools with only one secured entrance and metal detectors
One armed security guard and maybe trained gun carrying teachers and we could become gun violence rejectors
© June 4, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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