Friday, June 10, 2022

With Rubin's Help and WAPO's Bias Biden Blames Everyone But Himself For Inflation


On inflation Biden is trying to pull the wool over our eyes
It’s Putin’s inflation due to Ukraine invasion which no one can deny
Thinking like WAPO’s Rubin that Americans are so stupid that they would forget
That long before the invasion and Russian embargo gas prices were rising like a taking off jet
In November after the election WAPO was foolishly touting that Biden’s war on fossil fuels
Would not be a rapid gas price inflation increasing tool
Obviously wrong but at WAPO no matter how wrong it was
If blaming Trump or praising Biden you will never hear “we made a mistake song”
It is hypocritical to see Rubin’s touting “I stand with Ukraine”
Yet supporting Biden when his inaction is largely for the invasion to blame
Biden and his Blues shoved AOC’s Green New Deal down our throats
Then Trump’s energy and immigration policies revoked
With Biden in the Oval Office it is the New Crisis Whack-A-Mo to other than Biden blame
Each day closer to the Midterm Elections each day closer to Blue majorities flushed down the drain
Then maybe we can put an end to TDS Stage 4
And deal with pressing issues Biden has chosen to ignore
© 6/10/22 The Alaskanpoet

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