Saturday, June 11, 2022

SCOTUS Justices' Lives in Danger from Prochoice Protestors and Garland and Pelosi Are Playing Their White Supremacy Tune on Their Fiddles


Merrick Garland has done something we all thought was impossible to witness
Our failed SCOTUS nominee and now AG has passed Eric Holder’s politization of the DOJ to reveal his unfitness
Eric Holder’s mantra was to always protect Obama’s back
Contempt of Congress on Fast and Furious prosecution of him the DOJ lacked
Lois Lerner and the IRS targeting conservative groups in clear violation of the law
From Holder and the DOJ any targeting by the IRS they never saw
Garland has labeled conservatives “domestic terrorists” and mortal threats to our democracy
A pawn of the teachers’ unions to sic the FBI on parents at school board meetings protesting the teaching of CRT
Has not yet surpassed Holder’s proclivity for on police departments dragging them onto the racist charge mat
But his term is young and his announced investigation of Louisiana’s police a sign he may remedy that
His latest dereliction of duty involves at SCOTUS Justice’ homes protests over threatened overturn of Roe v Wade
A federal statute enacted in 1950 bars “stationary protests to influence a decision” to the judiciary independence degrade
Alioto, Barrett and Kavanaugh and their families have had to endure
Angry protests designed  solely to a different decision insure
In Kavanaugh’s case an arrested man with a gun on a mission to Kavanaugh kill
As Pelosi refuses to bring to the House floor a unanimously passed Senate SCOTUS protection bill
Garland needs to shuffle the FBI from coercing parents protesting the teaching of CRT
And have the SCOTUS Justices protestors arrested, cuffed and carted off to jail for all to see
© 6/11/22 The Alaskanpoet

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