Saturday, June 11, 2022

Alaska Supreme Court Overturns Superior Court Halting Special Election Voting That Visually Impaired Had No Mail In Ballots


Don Young who was Alaska’s lone Congressman for 49 years died on a plane descending to land at Sea-Tac
A required special election to replace him until January 1, 2023 has 48 seekers to his seat attracted
Including Sarah Palin who ran for VP with McCain and as Alaska’s Governor quit
Mail in voting was proceeding until a judge stopped it as visually impaired had no Braille ballots to submit
Alaska’s Supreme Court overturned and the counting will continue to its end
We wonder if Palin prevails in a crowded field for the voters to her send
But doubt she would leave as this special election will end on January 1
To serve a full term with a resignation anchor she will have to campaign until the regular election is done
Who ever prevails they will have extremely large shoes to fill
Pro Alaskan to his inner core but often crossed the aisle to compromise on bills
Maybe it was the Fort Yukon cold and isolation surrounded by Alaska Natives

But at 88 compared to Biden seemed much younger and mentally far more creative
He in Alaska will be thoroughly missed
By all save the grandson of his only loss running whose chances he looked forward to dismiss

© June 11, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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