Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Secret Service Not Questioned To Corroborate Cassidy Hutchison's Hearsay Tale


The January 6 Committee in its rush to leave no stone on turned
To create a narrative for Trump to crash and burn
Called on their new star witness Cassidy Hutchison who transfixed us with a lurid tale
How Trump wanted to be driven to the Capitol and went ballistic when the Secret Service failed
Placing his hands on the wheel of the SUV to toward the Capitol turn
But not according to agents there we now learn
Memories of Feinstein sitting on Ford’s bombshell for weeks
And as the Senate Committee hearings came to an end a “Gotcha” moment seek
Before unleashing Hutchison’s hearsay corrupted tale did anyone from the Committee with the agents speak?
The answer is no and her testimony of rush to judgment reeks
On calling the agents easy to see why not a chance
No witness testimony that the narrative of Trump insurrection not advance
Wonder what new job Ms. Hutchison be rewarded with
After she advance the Trump insurrection myth
© June 29, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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  1. They have learned to make the accusation publicly, burn it into everyone's mind, then when the truth comes out, the audience will not be there. It's like when the newspaper has headlines about something. Then, when the truth comes out, they tell about it in one blurb on page 8. @BoompsNC