Wednesday, June 22, 2022

CNN Ratings At All Time Lows When Will Likes of Stelter, Acosta and Anderson Be Let Go


Commercial TV anchors and journalists have to live and die by this simple rule
That advertisers paying for their ads to air are not gullible pricing fools
The more viewers a news show might have the more it will cost to have it aired
The fewer viewers that watch the greater chance for pink slips or that salaries will be pared
CNN with a new Chairman and CEO has been shedding viewers like a head with terminal dandruff
Leaving many media watchers to  wonder when Chris Licht will finally say enough
There was a time when CNN was a reliable and watched source of the news
Until departed Jeff Zucker turned the network into an adjunct for the DNC Blues
Biased against Reds and when it came to Trump infected with TDS Stage 4
But the fact that Trump was no longer president CNN seemed to ignore
This weekend CNN programs hit all-time lows
Stelter and Acosta could find so few viewers to try to snow
If Licht wants to turn CNN back into the black
A large number like Stelter, Acosta, and Anderson will have to be sacked
They will not be the first and certainly not the last
Many more pink slips needed to restore CNN’s more credible past
To find other jobs those fired especially Stelter will need to go to an objectivity reeducation camp
To learn how to shed any trace of his proclivity to on the news with biased advocacy his opinions stamp

© June 22, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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