Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Male Lolita Express Passengers Breathing Sigh of Relief As Maxwell Black Book Gambit Failed and She Was Sentenced To 20 YearsafSaihing


The drama of the sexual exploitation of minors by a depraved duo has come to an end
First the male partner Epstein if convicted knew a long time in prison a judge would him send
Hanged himself in his cell though many still believed he was killed to close his lips
As to who was on his Lolita Express plane to his private island sex with minors trips
The second member of the duo Ghislaine Maxwell
Learned today how many years in prison she would dwell
From a life of wealth and depravity to in prison twenty years
Her black book of depraved molesters as a bargaining chip must not have appeared
From the high and mighty like Clinton or Gates
The fears of public announcement and humiliation must now abate
One hopes the minors who were sexually abused
Can recover from the damage and nightmares begin to lose
In a men’s prison child molesters a shortened life expectancy usually find
Wonder if in a woman’s prison her fellow inmates to her crimes will be blind

© June 28, 2022 The Alaskanpoet  

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