Friday, June 10, 2022

Blues Running for Reelection Will Desert Biden Like Rats on a Sinking Ship


The gap between reality and Biden’s cognitive delusion continues to widen
Already cracks starting to appear in the Blue dam supporting Biden
The American people are not stupid and smart enough to know
Inflation is not be caused by Putin as to record levels it grows
Energy costs started to soar the day Biden’s of first day in office act
Halted construction of the Keystone Pipeline meaning almost a million barrels of oil we would soon lack
Ramped up his war on fossil fuels when there was not enough renewable energy yet in place
Halted construction on the Wall and Trump’s policies forcing illegals with mostly bogus asylum claims in Mexico stay
The flood of deadly drugs like fentanyl surging and thousands of illegals swamping our social safety net each day
Finally Blues looking at the midterms election clock
Waking up the fact that Biden’s policies their reelection will block
Are demanding Biden change course and in the case of energy suspend the gas tax
Sadly only a short term help when barriers to more production need to be relaxed
All Blues have is the 1/6 show trials to the reality of Biden’s failures to conceal
Hopes that Roe v Wade will be overturned to ramp up Blue voters’ zeal
When voters go to cast their ballots into the ballot box
They will vote due to the crime and illegals surge, starving babies and the rising inflation pox
© 6/10/22 The Alaskanpoet

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