Thursday, June 16, 2022

Most Americans Do Not Want Transgender Males to Dominate Women's Sports But Biden Must


Whether it is men’s or women’s sports, amateur or the pros
If you use steroids or other performance enhancing drugs from the sport you have to go
Doesn’t matter whether you are a human or a horse your days in the sport are done
Genes, diet, training, coaching, luck and desire not drugs should determine who has lost and who has won
A new drug has sadly appeared on the sporting scene with the ability to devastate Title IX
The drug is gender identity that an athlete himself or herself defines
An athlete born as a male now identifying as a female wants to in women’s sports compete
An unfair advantage with larger hearts, lungs and muscle mass that athlete will more likely a true female defeat
No costly or illegal drugs to take, no risk of failing a drug test, or damage to one’s body due to steroids
Collateral damage sadly is the growth in women’s sports that will be destroyed
Biological males against biologic males can only compete
If they gender identify as females then against fellow transgenders only in competition do they compete
The rule against transgender participation in sporting events should probably not until high school and beyond take effect
Assuming parents rise up against gender choices in elementary schools most kids have not until then gender identity chosen to elect
Sadly the Biden Administration not content to be denounced for inflation, immigration, and crime
Has chosen to support transgender participation in female sports line
Not that we needed it but another reason to vote Red
Send these out of touch Blue leftists to out of office woodshed
© 6/16/2022 The Alaskanpoet

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