Friday, June 17, 2022

Biden's Approval Continues to Sink and Disapproval Rise Will He Resign After the Red Wave Midterms?


The lead in Biden’s disapproval rating over approval rating continues to widen
From his policies failure unlike the campaign basement he cannot go into hiden
Only 39% of the population approve of Biden’s performance on the job
As soaring inflation and high gas prices their income security continues to rob

Turn on the news on any night to be greeted by surging waves of illegals each day and night
Or news of more violent crime the police hobbled by leftist D.A.’s like Gascon unable to effectively fight
The open border is not only awash with illegals but an open portal for deadly drugs like fentanyl

By itself or adulterating other illegal or legally prescribed drugs will quickly kill
Parents agonizing over the screams of infants not having enough formula to eat
The Biden Administration caught flat footed and not responding to the shortages defeat
The only word that comes close to describing his performance is “disaster”
He and his officials have proven totally inept to the chaos master

Like Roman rulers of old to theirs citizens wrath and anger appease
Biden now thinking of gas rebate cars instead of bread to the voters please
We have memories and the videos showing dementia increasing its grip
As on reality as opposed to dilution continues to slip
If the Red Wave lands on the Swamp’s shores
Such that the Blue control of House and Senate is no more
The only thing that will save him from massive cries to resign
Is the utter incompetence of our second in line

© 6/17/2022 The Alaskanpoet

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