Sunday, June 26, 2022

AOC Seeking Attention As Always Wants To Purge What Few Pro-life Blues There Are From the Party


There are only two things the Blues do well
One they mislabel issues to their agenda sell
Two they circle their wagons and as a block vote as one
In their minds compromise is a word to be always shunned
In the abortion debate of pro-life v. pro-choice
From the Blues only one voice
For them the choice of a woman not for an abortion is a choice for naught
Explains why to pregnancy help and counseling centers Molotov Cocktails are brought
Why a pro-choice zealot armed with a gun was outside Kavanaugh’s home
But for a call to his sister lying in wait to make it a killing zone
But pro-life zealots sadly cross the line and are not without blame
Shooting abortionists and sending abortion centers up in flames
The attention seeking arrogant egotistical AOC on the abortion debate has weighed in
Calls for Blues to only support pro-choice seekers in Blue primaries to insure pro-lifers not win
So much for the Blue myth of the diverse big dent
Would be fitting for a Red Wave as Biden’s policies will into a recession this nation be sent
© June 26, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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