Friday, April 29, 2022

Spineless W.H. Press Corps Afraid to Challenge Psaki


The White House Press Corps once was viewed as comprising the elite of the press
Who would subject top government officials to all manner of scrutiny and distress
But with Obama as the first black president the press conferences lost their hardball heaters, sliders, sinkers and curves
The American public did not enjoy the scrutiny by the 4th Estate in the past it had deserved
More and more the questions seemed like change ups telegraphed to easily respond
Or covered staged events well attended to commemorate events on the White House Lawn
8 years and when it was time to a new president elect
HRC the first woman running for the job seemed to the chosen one the press wanted to select
Trump was a different candidate not beholden the Washington press elite
Their coverage of him seemed slanted to assure his defeat
Where HRC had small crowds with little excitement or passion Trump had thousands of rabid fans
The MSM missed the populist surge that before their eyes was sweeping the land
Trump was elected and immediately hit with the false Russian collusion and an enraged Blue core that claimed he was not fit
Savaged by a media on steroid for its leftist slant and an anti-Trump bias that for his term never would quit
Trump’s ideas were sound but his abrasive demeanor outraged the MSM and Blues and large numbers of Red suburban women vote
Biden campaigned from his basement thanks to COVID and the MSM who would not on his growing dementia any time devote
Won the election amidst all manner of MSM accolade and praise
Only to have the border overcome by massive illegal migration surge, botched Afghanistan withdrawal and prices at historic inflationary raises
Biden still walked on water for the MSM but which soon started to melt
As the ravages of inflation growing each day were felt
Instead of holding Biden to account the press corps save Fox seemed to cower
We learned too many of them have no stomach to battle Psaki and are fearful of her power
© 4/29/22 The Alaskanpoet

Thursday, April 28, 2022

New Sheriff in Town Now Twitter on Censorship Will Frown


The left about censorship could care less
They were in charge of what we could hear for they knew what was best
Now there is at Twitter a new sheriff in town
The prior banning will no longer bring conservative thought down
Socialism, CRT, and Project 19 could never thoughtful examination withstand
Which is why the algorithms were designed to bar conservative thought from the land
So easy when the left could brand disinformation as that which dissents
And could away from public forums be quickly banished and sent
The Blues happy as clams that dissent to the MSM point of view was so easy to banish
So those looking for a diet of conservative ideas would always be famished
No if Musk has his way banning opposing ideas will fade away
And the merits of the arguments of the speakers will sway
Problem for the left is that their debate skills have become a lost art
Their captive audience hearing only one side has seen fit to depart
The best defense against ideas is not to opposing views curtail
But more speech on why your position is best to convincingly detail
Elon Musk desires not condemnation or bitter attacks
Rather praise for his ideas on free speech will assist a strong democracy coming back
© 4/28/22 The Alaskanpoet

Putin Wants More Than Ukraine Look for Aggression in Moldova Time Restart Oil and Gas Independence Race


Despite fears that more federal spending is causing inflation to spike
Biden is sending to Congress a bill for $33 billion to arms and humanitarian aid to Ukraine hike
For those who rejoiced that Russia in attacks around Kviv suffered a setback
Should not be optimistic that it will not learn from mistakes and be on more attacks
Look only to the experience of the Soviet Union in the Finland Winter War
The outnumbered out gunned Finns stopped the Soviets cold and watched their deaths soar
But after 2 months of heavy losses the Soviets shifted tactics and began to the Finns overcome
Five weeks later after ceding 9% of its territory to the Soviets the war was done
The Russians are now in East in full force trying to a land bridge to the Crimea take
Then move to occupy Odessa on the Black Sea and Ukraine landlocked make
Not to be outdone reports are that Russia is active in tiny Moldova with its Russian speaking residents
most of whom are in Trinisteria where the ethnic Russians comprise of the population 29%
Like the two Russian breakaway provinces in Eastern Ukraine
Do not get your hopes up that from invading Moldova Russia will refrain
Like Ukraine the country is not a member of NATO but has not expressed a desire to became a treaty member
When the dust settles in the Ukraine and if not enough Russians have died will Putin believe the West will not be a defender?
The world is becoming a very dangerous place
And with Russia’s petroleum and natural gas weapons we have not kept pace
Access to oil and gas will weapons of war replace
Time to end our war our fossil fuels and back to the energy surplus race
© 42822 The Alaskanpoet

Mayorkas Trumps Narcissism of Koskinen Denying On Border He Is What Buck's Constituents Believe--A Benedict Arnold


After watching the testimony on Tea Party targeting by IRS Chairman Koskinen
Never in my lifetime I have ever thought we would see such an arrogant narcissist again
Listening to Mayorkas being grilled by Representative Buck I clearly was wrong
Buck claimed in his role of protecting our border his constituents thought he was a traitor and did not belong
Mayorkas who in the past has claimed the border was closed felt no shame
Could not believe after his years of public service he was being defamed
Record levels of illegals crossing almost each and every day
This arrogant egotist believes he should be rewarded for reducing the delay
Not in returning them back but getting them in to the interior quicker
With only promises to appear years from now revealing his being sicker
Consistent with the open border left that illegals are the victims that deserve our aid
He revealed medical personnel from VA hospitals were to head the border which Reds introduced a bill that would forbade
Slow walked the court’s requirement to reinstate Trump policy to in Mexico remain
Probably frustrated beyond belief his plans to end Title 42 have gone down the legal drain
Since this narcissist does not have the ability to admit his failure and resign
Come January 3 with majorities in Congress Articles of Impeachment to the private sector him consign
© 4/28/22 The Alaskanpoet

Mayorkas Failed to Stop illegals Now Has Chance Stop "Disinformation" on Social Media--Hope He Flames Out in Failure Again


Mayorkas ridiculed by Reds on his failure to the border begin to seal must be licking his chops
He has been given another border to prevent the flow of certain items stop
Not humans and things but ideas on the internet
Confident this time he will succeed and his border failures forget
His new fiefdom will be the Disinformation Governance Board
On Social Media his minions will wield censorship swords
The Blues believed in free speech because pre Musk social media like Twitter they controlled
Hiding behind algorithms mere mortals could not decipher or understand on the free flow of ideas they took a toll
Classic case in point the Hunter Biden laptop was disappeared from the news scene
Fake Russian disinformation being pedaled by the New York Post that must not be seen
The idea that Biden was the “Big Guy” with 10 percent reserved in a Chinese deal
No surprise that the DNC so close to the election wanted to the revelation conceal
Or the fact that despite Biden’s solemn straight faced vow that he never discussed Hunter’s business dealings
That’s not finally released White House logs and emails are now revealing
Would the revelations of Chinese influence over Hunter shifted some votes
Sadly Twitter joined by the MSM made that possibility somewhat remote
When disinformation is an outright lie it insults our intelligence to assume we our too dumb to know
But when the disinformation is by omission more likely that not we won’t find out we have been snowed
Dangerous slope but when Blues believe in ends justifies the means
Censorship will result in our from the truth being weaned
© 4/28/22 The Alaskanpoet


Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Reds' Call On Mayorkas to Resign Falls on Deaf Ears


DHS Secretary Mayorkas was being grilled by the House on the end of Title 42
To bring an end to any border security feared by Reds and joined by an increasing number of Blues
Reds were demanding he resign now to the country spare impeachment proceedings as soon as the Reds took over the Speaker’s Chair
Mayorkas despite increasing record numbers of illegals in a head in the sand claim an open border charge is not right nor fair
The number of Blues who stick to the fiction that cancellation of Title 42 will not be a disaster shrinks each day
Biden has insured that an undermanned, underfunded demoralized CBP will not have an action plan in play
Projections of increased illegals crossing the border are in the 15,000- 20,000  daily range
Even as the cancellation of Title 42 nears, the open border zealots believe the Reds on the border are deranged
Getting Mayorkas to resign due to his total failure to secure
Might make Reds feel overjoyed but a solution to the open border not insure
A nation is only a nation if in can determine who is there and who can come in and then stay
Then and only then can we the human traffickers, drug dealers, terrorists and felons keep away
Having Mayorkas resign might actually help Biden to listen to the alarm bells
That his approval is dropping ever so quickly into Hell
He is sadly so mentally and cognitively depraved
To take the steps necessary for Blue Congressional majorities to be saved
A Red dream would be to have veto proof Congress and impeach Harris and Biden
Force the selection of two moderate Blues to stop the danger to the nation to widen
© 4/27/22 The Alaskanpoet  

Russian Advances in Ukraine Stalled Putin Raises the Ante with Threat of Nukes Let's Go Brandon


We now may be reaping the deadly crop of what Biden’s inept foreign policy has sown
Any chance that foes would believe our resolve or commitment most likely blown
Afghanistan was Biden’s first test and he the American public seduced
Claimed that with their American training and arms no way could the Afghans by the Taliban be reduced
Withdrawing from Bagram like thieves in the night
A clear signal needed American air power was out of the coming fight
The Afghan Army collapsed like a house of card in a strong wind
We were suddenly struggling to free Americans and our allies from the mess we had put them in
Scenes of Afghans holding on to planes taking off was an end to Fall of Saigon déjà vu
The idea that Biden would restore American foreign policy to the adults in the room was through
Putin and Xi were watching and took  notes
The idea that Biden could be trusted by friends or feared by foes became remote
No surprise Putin’s war against Ukraine would soon be at hand
Yet we did nothing to increase Ukraine’s ability to it withstand
Threats of sanctions if in place an invasion not designed to deter
Weapons promised too little too late that stopping the Russian Bear to insure
Russian caravans on the road to Kviv stalled and a sitting target
Massive US supplied drone and cruise missile attack to destructively beset
Stalled in invasion advances is the Russian Bear
Now fears of nukes being used to be aware
4/27/22 The Alaskanpoet

Chicago Suffers Under the Bobbsey Twins of Mayor Lightweight and State Attorney Kimberly Fox


Blue Run cities are staggering under the surging violent crime curse
And with Soros backed soft on crime D.A.’s misery is made much worse
The residents who suffer the most are those most likely brown or black
They are the likely victims of the thugs of color who without remorse attack
Finally the BLM is being exposed as a caring for blacks safety fraud
Only if a cop pulled the trigger did their protest riots TV viewers awed
Nameless blacks and browns shot and killed by thugs of color were not their concern
But a black victim shot by a white or cop of color and it was BLM time to a city burn
Being someone of color in Chicago is a status one should rightfully fear
24/7 even in broad daylight there are no safe places when armed thugs of color appear
But Chicago also has the misfortune to also be suffering from a deadly pox
The Bobbsey Twins of incompetence Mayor Lightweight and State Attorney Kim Fox
Lightweight wages a war on the CPD and Fox is soft on crime
Perfect Storm of not enough cops to arrest and if so lack of prosecutions for them to serve time
From the public tired of funerals you can hide one’s failures only so long
Lightweight and Fox’s policies do not belong
Three black thugs killed a black with hammers yet Fox would not murder charges pursue and the main suspect would be released in four hours
A Chicago Police Department Commander stepped in and approve a murder charge and his confinement to be empowered
Instead of touting more and more gun control
More arrests, more convictions, longer sentences should be the goal
© 4/27/22 The Alaskanpoet

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Celeb Jameela Jamil Thinks Mere Mortals Care Twitter She Is Leaving


Jameela Jamil may be the first and not the last
Celebrity Twitter users who promise to off the platform blast
A last chance to post pictures of her dog
And to her disdain for Musk’s Twitter purchase log
She must assume that mere mortals will alter behavior like diet based on what she thinks
As she tongue in cheek wishes Musk good luck and from future Tweets vows to slink
Why celebrities are so quick to judge a billionaire’s future course of conduct
Makes one wonder how skilled they can be to  his future acts deduct
One can leave Twitter now and even under Musk when the transfer is complete
Without any barriers to reentry other than a truthful identity to meet
Like Musk has said he would like his most severe critics to remain
Proving that free speech not past censorship will reign
Maybe with her amazing dog Jamil
Should wait and see and until then chill
Since many celebs when Trump was elected promised to Canada flee
4 years later in broad daylight they are still here to see.
© April 26, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Twitter Employees Shell Shocked and Likely Unable to Accept Musk's Purchase

 Not sure what qualifications one must have to at Twitter work

As news of employees melting down and going berserk
Clearly a Twitter employee would most likely cast a Blue vote
The chances of voting Red or Independent must be also remote
The would also likely have exceptionally very thin skins
Such that any conservative idea would throw them into a tailspin
They would have tolerance for only those whose ideas mirrored theirs
Mental cupboards on non-leftist ideas totally bare
Conservatives viewed hardly as humans and no right to their ideas share
At an office meeting after Twitter Board’s vote sobs and tears and shell shocked 1000 yards stares
Would not be surprised if the workers were given the day off
Unable to accept that their vaunted algorithms now merit only scoff
Employee turnover for most businesses is a lose lose proposition
Not sure if Twitter will want to retain those believing true free speech condemns them to perdition
A town square Twitter committed to free speech
Will if burdened by a 5th column its new full potential never reach
Musk will most likely have to start handing out pink slips
If the new Twitter will be free of leftist censorship
© April 26, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Ari Melber Is the New Chicken Little Sky Is Falling Over Musk's Acquisition of Twitter--What a Clown!


It is hard to remember a time MSM has been so apoplectic and so bitter
When the Twitter Board had announced it had accepted Musk’s offer to buy Twitter
Almost like an immediate knee-jerk reaction to democracy’s imagined coming doom
The left warned that democracy was in grave peril if conservative ideas were not banned from social media rooms
Their hypocrisy exposed that none of them believe in free speech that is really free
Since they believe speech is free if and only if with the left the speakers agree
MSNBC parroting this hypocrisy takes the cake
When the slightest thread of objectivity it forsakes
Ari Melber, trying to pass himself off as a “journalist” renown
Comes across as a total Chicken Little Clown
Claims that since Musk now owns Twitter he could ban political candidates
Take away access to the public for a sure loss to await
Melber must have been a Rip Van Winkle all this years
When conservative thinkers were banned on social media never to appear
Twitter, Facebook, and Google with their algorithm curtains to block
Any deviation from accepted MSM or DNC acceptable thought
To think Musk, a free speech libertarian, will ban politicians is absurd
Melber needs to chill out and accept Musk at his word

© April 26, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Monday, April 25, 2022

Left Is Bitter Musk Will Buy Twitter Algorithms Big Time Will Lose Free Speech Thanks to Musk We Get to Chose


Elon Musk has stated that as a private company Twitter could do much better
Clearly the case if the algorithms banning conservative speech were tossed to such speech unfetter
Looks like Elon Musk is going to have a chance to bring his ideas into play
The board seeing the writing on the wall of a lack of a competing bid said OK
Social media has been one of the great revolutions of all time
Bringing the free flow of ideas and information to all on line
But sadly the idea of open forums for all ideas to appear
Was corrupted by the idea that anti-left ideas had no right to be here
Censorship under the mask of algorithms to misinformation prevent
Very soon was used to quash any anti-leftist dissent
While social media was doing its job to ban
MSM was complicit in ignoring many of the anti-Biden scandals sweeping this land
Musk will want Twitter to prosper and money make
Will not want to see his Libertarian ideas proved to be mistakes
We should all want advertisers and users in higher than ever levels flock
Maybe to shame giants like Facebook from conservative free speech trying to block
Hats off to a hero who brought us Tesla EV
And Space X from NASA control set us free
© 4/25/22 The Alaskanpoet

Jack Brewer Threatens Joyless Reid with Defamation Suit Over Child Abuse Claim for Black Children at a Anti-CRT Teaching Bill Signing


Joyless Reid is a loose cannon who normal defamation restraints does not heed
But her rant on child abuse by DeSantis finally will make MSNBC’s wallet bleed
She claimed that his using black children at his anti CRT teaching bill was child abuse
Rightfully so a firestorm of criticism by Jack Brewer was set loose
Brewer is a black former NFL player whose faith based foundation serves disadvantaged neighborhoods
The children were from one of his charter schools who the evils of CRT understood
Like most leftist “journalists” in addition of terminal bias Reid has a lazy streak
Did not pursue any inquiry of parental approval or knowledge of what the children knew seek
She has no business trying be a journalist on the air
When her cupboard overflows with bias and the objective shelves are bare
She is a black mind plantation owner who believes that blacks cannot think

Her racist idiotic views must be flushed down the sink

Brewer has demanded a retraction or a defamation lawsuit he will file
Good for him, we hope he wins to curtail this pseudo journalist’s bile
© April 25, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

On Border Biden Should Be Impeached and Mayorkas Fired But Harris as a Disaster Will Prevent


In Biden land the death of person trying to secure our borders the need for condolences doesn’t rate
Texas National Guardsman Bishop Evans who also served time in Kuwait
Degeared, jumped into the Rio Grande River to drowning of two illegals abate
And instead it was he who would suffer a drowning fate
The two illegals survived and may have been trying to bring illegal drugs across
Instead allowing their criminal activity result in their lives being lost
Thinking only that they needed to be saved
He is the victim who will go to a far too early grave
Biden’s, Harris’ and Mayorkas’ warnings the border is closed and not the time to cross
The videos of thousands of illegals who daily cross mean the effect of the warnings are lost
This troika of an open border who claiming the need to address root causes on solutions dilly dally
Are overjoyed that thousands more each day are added to the illegals released into the interior tally
Biden has refused to execute the laws of the land to the tsunami of illegals prevent
Blues narrow majority in the House until January 3, 2023 mean this year no articles of impeachment
Given the fact Harris is viewed as more of a disaster than Biden
The chances of a Senate conviction diminish not widen
From Biden on Evans’ death only silent sounds
Doubt he will appear at funeral as the mourners in uniform will turn their backs around
We can only vent against the troika’s shame
And in 2024 at the polls Blues and Biden blame
© 4/25/22 The Alaskanpoet

Texas National Guardsmen On Border Due to Biden's Open Border Died Trying to Rescue Illegals--Blood on Biden's Hands


Our border is thanks to Biden perceived by those in third world countries to be open wide
All one has to do is to risk the cartel dangers to cross a river and get to the other side
Other than Title 42 which Biden inanely wants to before the end of May expire
Very little chance of deportation before welfare or good cash paying job under table they acquire
There is one danger the illegals crossing the Rio Grande have to fear
It can be a fast flowing current with drowning abilities this time of year
Because the Biden Administration has completely failed in its obligation to the border seal
Texas Governor Abbott has called out the Texas National Guard to crossings help repeal
On Friday Specialist Bishop Evans near Eagle Pass saw two illegals appearing about to drown
Disregarding the threat to his own safety he did not for a moment backdown
Dove into the Rio Grande to two illegals involved in illegal drug activity try to rescue

The illegals did not drown but Evans did for the dangers from the riven he did not eschew
His body was found today and the nation should his death mourn
And rise up in anger and rejection of Biden, Harris and Mayorkas whose policies have illegal crossings suborned
If Biden, Harris or Mayorkas have the courage to at Evans’ funeral appear to show respect
Will the CBP and Texas National Guard members there turn their backs on them to their presence reject?
© April 25, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Sunday, April 24, 2022

Best and the Brightest Meet Their Waterloo at Waterloo University


The University of Waterloo is located in the Canadian town of Waterloo
Named for the battle against Napoleon where his dream of restoring his Empire was through
The university’s motto “In honor there is truth” should be revoked
It tenure track for a new professor turns academic freedom into a joke
There is no honor to exclude males
Having the best and brightest as the bar becomes a lie and the truth fails
The university is seeking a professor with experience in geography, Earth or environmental science or sustainability
Candidates who wish to apply for position that will be a faculty chair are not asked to establish their capability
Only that they first establish they are a woman, transgender, nonbinary or free spirit as they self-identify
The idea of academic excellence is not something on which the university can rely
So a man who does not one of the categories self- identify even if a Nobel Prize Scholar
Would not have a chance to this chair have any chance to collar
When we should be striving to find the best and brightest to the passage of knowledge teach
At this university only if one of the self-identifying categories have been reached
In universities women face little if any discrimination if faculty appointments
Maybe transgenders, free spirits and nonbinaries suffer disappointment
But the academic field should be level based on one’s record and skill
Not populated only by nonmales so from the four categories only the jobs are filled
© April 24, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Elizabeth Warren Delusionally Thinks Blues Will Be Swept Away Because They Haven't Passed the Progressive Agenda


After enduring Elisabeth Warren’s latest rants and anti-Red gripes
It should be clear she’s not smoking tobacco in her Pocahontas pipe
Listening to her is listening to someone who is on drugs which reality shed
She’s right on point that the Blues are going to take it in the shorts if a different path they don’t take instead
What neurons that still spark predicting a Red wave are right as rain
But her solution is to not let the Progressive agenda be flushed down the drain
Switch the blame for inflation from too much money chasing too few goods
An inflation cause that economists have long agreed with and understood
No she want to shift the blame on corporate monopoly power assumed greed
Totally oblivious to Biden’s war on fossil fuels that have devastated the oil production we need
Every item we buy and consume needs to be transported by ship, air, truck or van, rail or ship
Paying higher transportation costs due to higher gas and oil tightens inflation’s grip
Listening to her and to our cognitive impaired Biden
Clear any Progressive Agenda wins will the landslide widen
Reds want to secure the border to reduce illegal immigration, crime and drug induced deaths
End the plague of Blue run cities’ addiction to catch and then release violent felons on no bail
While throughout the inner cities oblivious to the mostly victims of color anguished wails
Let’s pray Warren keeps puffing and ranting to increase the Blue seats lost
To shackle Biden’s spending, taxing and regulatory plans with their far too high costs
© 4/24/22 The Alaskanpoet


Saturday, April 23, 2022

New Book Claims Jill Biden Did Not Want Harris on the Ticket Because of Her Attacks on Him

 For Blues who thought Jill Biden would Edith Wilson ape

Help Joe Biden from public’s recognition of dementia 2 escape
Have to be disappointed as clearly watching Joe when off the teleprompter his dementia is fairly clear
Watching him anyone who believes in the office must be trying hard to hold back the tears
A mind is something that we pray never should to go to waste
And in Joe’s case add the additional pray that it proceed at not an accelerating pace
One would like to be the proverbial fly on the White House bedroom wall
To hear Joe confide in Jill that in 2024 he would be campaigning for reelection in the fall
More so than anyone else on the planet she must be aware of the tasks his brain cannot master
No matter what she does and no matter how many of the MSM she is able to enlist
Even if he campaigns again in the bunker basement voters faced with his severe dementia will voting for him resist
Biden has been in politics his whole life and in campaigns to run he is two losses and one win
If he does not seek reelection he will be able for history to leave with a positive spin
No landslide but the largest ever of popular votes and broke the color gender SCOTUS bar
Even with the expected Red landslide in 2022 he could be a one term star
But barring a stroke or submitting to what should be required a cognitive mental awareness test
He and his unlucky running mate who Reds hope will be Harris will be drubbed in the reelection test
Blues trying to ward off the slaughter will be praying that Jill is whispering 24/7 in his ear
“She attacked you and has been a complete disaster and would use the 25th--On the ticket she must not appear”
© April 23, 2022 The Alaskanpoet       

Friday, April 22, 2022

David Bonola an Illegal Living Here For 21 Years Charged With Brutal Stabbing Death of Mom Orsolya Gaal


Not all illegal aliens are criminals save for their having violated our immigration laws
In the latest case of an illegal alien killing a mom and then dismembering her corpse with a blade or saw
He had been here illegally from Mexico for two decades living under the radar and working for cash
A knee jerk reaction that we should open border zealots condemn and bash
But this simple fact remains had he not been living here
As an illegal under the table for all those 21 years
An excellent chance the murder victim Orsolya Gaal would be alive for Mother’s Day
Instead her two children will be coping that from them she was viciously taken away
David Bonola, the illegal, stabbed her some 55 times in her basement
While in her home sleeping her 13 year old son was present
Speculation that she was in an intimate relationship with Bonola who was a handyman for the Gaals
Who has now been arrested and being held fortunately without bail
Empathy and sympathy to the 2 children especially the 13 year old who is probably stricten with guilt
That he did not hear his mother’s screams as she was being stabbed up to the hilt
The case may not rise to the impact of the Willie Horton on work release murder case
But should be a vivid reminder of the dangers to us all when our border security is debased.
If Title 42 is rescinded by Biden bending to the political pressures of the left
With daily illegal border crossing rising near 20,000 look for more crime and drug related deaths
© 4/22/22 The Alaskanpoet

Thursday, April 21, 2022

A Dose of Sanity as Austin's $1000 a Month Guaranteed Income Plan for 84 Recipients Is Paused for Further Study


Texas may be a Red State but Austin is as Blue as Blue can be
With a lone Red council person to try to stop its leftist leanings and spending sprees
The latest equity push in the city of Austin is a pilot program for one year
For 84 residents of the city a monthly check of one thousand dollars will appear
A guaranteed short term income with no qualifications or metrics to determine what has or should be achieved
$1.8 million in a program designed only to some imagined suffering or inequality be relieved
Some small degree of sanity by the sole Red put the brakes on the experiment
Before the $1.8 flies out the door and by the lucky 84 is spent
For staff to fine tune the parameters to other than welfare state dependence enhance
Money divorced from work does not seem a way to ladders out of poverty advance
If Austin is the model for economic prosperity Texas is in dire straits
A thriving hotbed of venture capital startups will in a welfare mode as opposed to risk abate
Texas represented by the likes of Bozo O’Rourke would be an economic disaster
The death of entrepreneurial startups and its oil sector crippled by the Green New Deal masters
We pray it is not to be and the people leaving California for the Lone Star State
Are Reds attracted by low taxes, low regulations and an economy that’s first rate.
© April 21, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Just Like Viagra Drug Repositioning Title 42 Should Remain With Legal Repositioning


Mankind has been blessed with many advances that were pure luck often when money was tight
Kellogg’s cornflakes for example resulted from stale cooked wheat left out overnight
Not tossed but rolled and then toasted to become corn flakes
A cereal of choice that many of us growing up with milk would make
Penicillin was discovered due to mold growing on stale bread
Its discovery a powerful weapon for use in the war on bacteria led
Botox was originally designed to fight the issue of crossed eyes
When tested on monkeys it was seen to wrinkles in the glabella defy
Quickly positioned from the crossed eye world to become the great warrior against skin aging grief
To millions of women like Pelosi aging with wrinkles and sagging skin it was instant relief
The best case of drug repositioning ever found was Viagra originally developed to fight chest pains
To become the Holy Grail to fight  ED and let fun and games in the bedroom reign
If there can be drug repositioning why not the same for laws
When our immigration laws are fatally flawed
Title 42 is the magic wand to send illegals to their home countries packing
Until we address asylum reform it should have our total backing
Becerra's advice on 42 belongs in the trash

While across our border illegals crash

In the time honored advice of Bert Lance
“Don’t fix what ain’t broke” to stop the flood of illegals advance
© April 21, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

When Opinion Trumps News at CNN+ CNN Pulls The Plug Who's Listening At CNN


CNN who launched its new streaming service CNN+ to quickly pull its plug
Found it was about as welcome in TV households as an infestation of bugs
Quickly realized it had been renamed with a plus instead of a minus as a better gauge
Of the small number of viewers willing to stream watching a lot of the leftist slants still rage
Should have had a warning label for viewers to sit in front of the TV upwind
The stench of the cack being spewed not enough of it the moguls should have tried to rescind
Zucker thankfully has packed his bias bags and departed
And Morse who was to be in charge is leaving some 30 days after CNN+ had started
Should not have taken a rocket scientist to know
That as hard as it is for a bald man to new hair grow
A diehard biased “journalist” like Stelter
Where over the top leftist rhetoric would always find welcome shelter
Would be like the leopard who genetically cannot change this spots
Unless some objectivity he somehow after all these years can obtain his news career is shot
Along with 500 former CNN+ employees who gambled to their careers advance
Soon to be collecting unemployment hoping CNN and other outlets will give them a chance
© April 21, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Lori Lightfoot aka Lightweight Will Be Running for Election as Shootings on Easter Weekend Rule


Easter for Christians marks the Resurrection from the tomb of Jesus Christ after his Crucifixion on Calvary Hill
A time to reflect and commit to one’s faith that is worshipped by some 2.4 billion humans still
But Easter for residents of Chicago is not a time of reflection but a time of fear
Whether in a yard, home, walking on the sidewalk, eating out or driving a car a barrage of bullets may be near
14 people in Chicago mostly black were shot by shooters most likely to be black if they are caught
Even churches which are sanctuaries for illegals when the bullets fly and more innocent victims are sought
Maybe it was the weather or the shooters were hung over or on meth
When the shootings stopped and the sirens stilled this Easter weekend only one person had met death
The sounds of silence and lack of compassion and outrage rule the city’s bloody streets
Unless a cop was the shooter shootings were something BLM cared not to try to defeat
In the carnage that rules the Windy City each day
Lori Lightfoot is seeking to be reelected when reelection voting comes the voters’ way
When it comes to public safety on Lightfoot for the carnage easy to blame
Not enough police, with so little City Council and Mayoral support, as daily shootings are not tamed
When it comes to understanding public safety Lightfoot is a total lightweight
As long as she and her Blue minions run the city residents’ fear for their safety will never abate
© April 21, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Russian Genocide and War Crimes Shifts from Kviv to Donbas in the East


It is now day 55 of the “special military operation” launched against Ukraine
After to the surprise of all seeing their easy conquest of Kviv contained
Licking their wounds the Russians have repositioned their forces to attack in the east
Against a Ukrainian army bolstered by NATO arms to insure Russian deaths increase
Dulled by the Holocaust, the Killing Fields, and the Rwanda genocide
The world is slowly starting to the Russian barbarity derided
Condemnations of Ukrainians executed with hands tied behind their backs
By an uncivilized barbaric horde that any adherence to the rules of war lack
Will not in the slightest deter the Bear’s genocidal war crimes and increasing Russian body bags
Only when more weapons flood into Ukraine to kill more Russians than the home front can endure and their support lags
It will be a hard sell but any nation that buys Russian oil has Ukrainian blood on its hands
Those nations need to tighten their energy consumption belts while the Ukrainians this new Russian assault withstand
 Training more Ukrainians to the deadly U.S. weapons use the more Russians will die
And like the disaster in Afghanistan much louder as the body bags pile up will for Putin support deny
This tyrant by his people should be viewed as a one trick pony who has played his cards
Lost with Ukraine still killing Russians and his “special military operation” marred
Economy in tatters, a pariah to the entire world and the cream of Russian youth to buried beneath the steppes
Time to replace this genocidal tyrant before more parents, wives, and girlfriends wept
© April 19, 2022 The Alaskanpoet  


Monday, April 18, 2022

A federal district court judge appointed by Trump tossed out CDC's mask mandate on planes, trains and indoor terminals


The heavy hand of the CDC throughout the pandemic has been like a mask-o-phile
Touting it followed the science when the science it seem to defile
Called for a 6 foot social distance and mask mandates only when indoors
Even with masks persons not allowed in gyms, bars, barbershops  but as COVID-19 cases soared
Limits on church services, banning from movie theaters, sporting events and concerts to name just a few
All the while, masks notwithstanding, new cases and ICU admissions for ventilators grew
Finally lock downs for all but essential travel for food and medicines with businesses letting their workers go
A single mask then a double mask and even a push for a triple as the spread of the virus did no slow
Schools closed, students forced to learn virally at home even if in early grades where it was a learning hell
One parent forced to stay home with the kids and single parents SOL as their kids were not taking isolation well
While the elite and CDC were pushing mask mandates and ignoring natural immunity as a defense
Blue elite refused to follow mask mandates feeling they were above such utter mask wearing nonsense
Studies that held natural immunity was effective as were selective anti-viral drugs
While cotton masks not N-95 surgical were not effective were swept under the rug
When the vaccines developed by Trump at warp speed began to appear
CDC urged vaccinations to keep even mask wearing people free from having the COVID-19 deadly head rear
Looking back the CDC missed the boat, misled the public and caused increased death from addiction, suicide and medical treatments postponed
Ignored the monoclonal antibodies, natural immunity and antiviral drugs with effectiveness shone
Closing schools with openings with mask mandates set education of our young back
Finally a Federal Judge overturned the CDC’s unconstitutional mask mandate attack
© April 18, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Fentanyl 50 Times More Potent than Heroin on a Killing Speed Due to Open Border


Heroin compared to fentanyl for a deadly overdose
At 50 times weaker does not even come close
A minute amount whether taken by choice or not known
Is the master Grim Reaper when it comes to minute amounts sown
The perfect storm of fentanyl made in China then sent to Mexico’s shores
Cut into more doses or in other products mixed has caused fentanyl deaths to soar
Knowingly taking fentanyl is like playing Russian Roulette with only one chamber unable to kill
Taking it knowingly or unwillingly and into overdose land where the heart quickly stills
In Feces City a group of mothers who have suffered from their kids overdosing and then dying
Destroying the myth that drugs bought on the street the nature of the ingredients you can be relyin
Putting up posters that inform a user “One pill one Kill”
A drug sent by the cartel with no morals as millions fill their till
How many kids have to die before our anger reaches critical mass
We force Blues to join the fight to secure our borders so very little drugs get past
Now the cartels with their drug money are laughing all the to the banks
Making more money from illegals than drugs while the future of our youth into coffins sank
In Ohio a Doctor Husel was on trial for overprescribing fentanyl and causing 14 patients to die
A hung jury that at least one juror believed the doctor was only trying to suffering from pain deny
Believed the one paid expert witness that fentanyl did not death cause
If stands leaving the victims’ families to believe our legal system is flawed
© April 18, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Oklahoma Parents of Middle Schools Rightfully Concerned Transgenders Due to Biden Can Share Bathrooms with Girls


Judge now Justice Jackson could not or would not a woman define
Biden Administration must believe sex is not biology which confines

The standard is not the XY chromosome presence or absence
But something that most Americans must feel as pure nonsense
The test should be the sex you identify with
Time to treat biology as only a myth
Ignore the fact that men have more muscle and lungs with capacity that is much greater
Which means in athletic competition against them women’s chances will crater
Maybe the inclusive elite are blind to the fact that men have testicles and a dick
And a girl forced to share a bathroom might be concerned in her he might want to stick
Two Unisex bathrooms with one stall each and on the door from the inside able to block
Are not the end of the world when to do her business a woman spends often more time on the clock
But multistalled unisex bathrooms especially with urinals
Means a girl might be exposed to a dick coming out of her stall
A bathroom should be a private space free of peeping Toms 
Especially transgenders who assaults on girls may have no qualms
If this argument does not the leftist inclusion elite sway
They should think of manufacturing jobs for urinals that will go away.
© April 18, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Sunday, April 17, 2022

On Easter To Beat Inflation Look to the Gutenberg Hare

 This is the Holy Season of Christians, Muslims and Jews
  A time to reflect on one's faith and make sure it was not diminished but grew
Christians being slaughtered in the Ukraine
By Russian Communists and Eastern Orthodox Christians only in name
At home the inflation winds are rising in full force
Show no signs of diminishing their destructive course
The Biden inflation by him so misnamed
The Putin inflation by Biden wrongly blamed
Almost everything humans need to survive is costing more
From gas to shelter to clothing to food are all costing so much more
Easter egg hunts an Easter staple almost break the bank
Middle class and low income families suffering as their savings tank
Wondering when if ever we can place inflation into a price reducing coks   asket
Or maybe turning to a more affordable Easter Basket
This Easter instead of dyed or candied eggs  look to books pack
Still fairly cheap especially when they are e-books or paperbacks
Honor the Easter Bunny but leave room for the Gutenberg Hare
Unlike dyed or chocolate eggs books can be again and again shared

© April 17, 2022 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

With inflation raging on this Easter I thought you would enjoy this poem on the Easter Bunny and the Gutenberg Hare I wrote in 2005. Have a great Easter!

Easter Bunny and the Easter Hare


Easter Bunny and the Easter Hare

Chocolate Easter Eggs are savored by all children but the joy is so fleeting and the only evidence of the event is some chocolate stained fingers and maybe some stains on a child's clothes and the waning evidence of a sugar high after too many eggs. But the knowledge and experience gained from reading or having been read too may last forever. Hope your Easter Bunny had a Gutenberg Hare laden with children's books as his Wingrabbit. Joyous Easter and hope you enjoy this poem I wrote 13 years ago.

The Easter Bunny and the Easter Hare

During Easter week the Easter Bunnies are so busy, free time is very rare,
Picking chocolate eggs and rabbits, Easter grass and candies for children to share.
On Easter morn, hard to find a doorstep without the signs that  an Easter Bunny has hopped there.
But in this chocolate kingdom, a new suggestion voiced from the Gutenberg Hare,
“Fellow rabbits I do not want to break tradition,
Never accuse me of treason or sedition,
We all bring the joy of Easter in a long anticipated rendition,
But in your sweet baskets, perhaps a small welcome addition?”
Now rabbits may squeak but they rarely complain or moan,
Yet from the twitching tails and noses came a collective complaining tone,
“Our baskets are overloaded; handles already cut through to the bone,
Any addition would be too much weight to carry alone!”
The Gutenberg Hare slowly raised his paw above the rabbits’ complaining din,
Even though a gentle, studious hare, this was a dispute he must win,
For the joy of Easter should not be only a chocolate web to spin.
Slowly, he bent over into an open, non candied laden bin.
He lifted and put into his Easter basket a book every child would want to read,
“Friend rabbits, chocolate is divine; on it children will always draw a bead,
But to leave a good book to read
Is like a farmer planting the seeds,
Of morals, thoughts, fables, or heroes to do good deeds,
Teachings and lessons to show the way or teach how to lead.
Lucky is the child, who has a large chocolate to savor and not waste,
While reading a book for sweet knowledge is also a long lasting taste.”
And so with a voice vote that closed the friendly debate,
For no rabbit on Easter morn wished to be late,
To the lucky houses chocolates and candy baskets left on porch or stair, 
Followed by a basket of books left by a Gutenberg Hare.

Michael P. Ridley
Aka the Alaskanpoet
© 3/24/2005

Saturday, April 16, 2022

USS Sullivans a floating museum in Buffalo which dodged sinking in WWII and Korean War almost sinks


The USS Sullivans the first U.S. warship named after more than one person fought in WWII and the Korean War

Attacked on numerous times in the Pacific by Japanese planes whose bombs and torpedoes failed to score
Named after the 5 Sullivan brothers  who served on the USS Juneau sunk in the Battle of Guadalcanal by a long lance
Who hit the water alive but since no other U.S. ship stopped lost any survival chance
Noted for its large shamrock on a funnel to bring it luck
Which it never lost even though the funnel was lost when a typhoon struck
A long career of being in harm’s way
Always escorting the carriers keeping planes and Kamikazes away
Recommissioned to fight in the Korean War to escort carriers and bombard enemy troops on land
The karma of the shamrock still present as awhile shelling a rail bridge 50 shells fired from shore she dodged to withstand
Decommissioned in the 70’s and designated as a museum ship in 1977 along with the USS Little Rock

The news today out of her mooring at Buffalo came as a real bad karma shock
The ship that defied sinking in two wars suddenly was listing with thousands of gallons of sea water through its hull starting to pour
Emergency pumps were quickly found and began pumping the water out to risk of sinking and the list end
Although damage to the hull not yet found it looks like this noble warship will not in Davy Jones shallow locker soon end.

© April 16, 2022 The Alaskanpoet  

Watch Russian War Crimes in East Soar

 The Ukraine War continues as Russia has sent its forces near Kviv 2 Ukraine’s East

Deploying 2 soon attack w/a level of violence against civilians that'll increase The world saw in horror w/increasing disdain Bombs & missiles on civilian targets falling like monsoon rains Biden was hit w/the disease of arming Ukrainians dilly dally When weeks earlier a Russian convoy miles long bumper 2 bumper was a perfect target 2 add 2 the Russian death tally Arms R starting 2 flow that caused the Russian offensive near Kviv 2 grind 2 an end 4 Ukraine 2 win back territories in the East will we offensive weapons send? The most effective weapon against the Russian Bear That would quickly declaw him & send him slinking back 2 his lair Would B a boycott on any Russian oil whose enable Putin 2 fund his unprovoked war Not likely w/India & China stepping up 2 the plate 2 buy a steady stream of oil even as civilian casualties soar Rising gas prices have finally forced Biden 2 take a baby step 2 domestic production increase Ending his EO drilling ban on 20 % of federal lands but on his war against fossil fuel he hasn't ceased Putin has in a way done the world a favor Not being energy independent makes a country far less safer A day'll come when renewables'll power all our vehicles, light all our homes & our all our factories run But until that day comes need fossil fuels 2 bridge & must not fossil fuel production shun © 4/16/22 The Alaskanpoet

Thursday, April 14, 2022

Elon Musk Offers to Buy the Rest of Twitter He Does Not Own for Over $54 Billion

 Elon Musk is a trailblazer always on the move

With a new challenge to barriers to free speech remove
Twitter with its algorithms has disguised its censorship of free speech
Of conservative thought and ideas preventing them to the general public reach
Elon Musk is libertarian who believes the way to solve problems is more speech to bring to the table
As opposed to limiting ideas on solutions that are confined to the big government knows best fable
He bought over 9.2 % of Twitter stock which barely put in his net worth a dent
And now offered to buy the rest of the shares for $54.7 billion to be spent
The left already apoplectic with the idea of a libertarian influencing the company to end censorship
Is in a tizzy claiming the end of democracy if social media on the flow of information loses its grip
The board that Musk refused to join will have to meet to consider his offer to buy
Will hire an investment banker to advise on the company’s value and assist in its reply
Suspect the offer will be rejected as being too low
While larger cash rich Hi-Tech companies at Twitter higher bids will bestow
Not sure if Musk would engage in a bidding war to preserve free speech
But when it comes to Musk unpredictability his past acts will teach
If Microsoft, Google, or Apple were to join the bidding fray
Musk whose 9.2% has already risen 27% is looking at a very large payday
Social media should be like a utility open to all to use as long as the use does not advocate violence or violate the law
Banning users or their tweets because of conservative or leftist thought or ideology is fatally flawed
© April 14, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Jail Transgenders with Women Prisoners and Surprise You End Up With Pregnant Female Inmates


Lia Thomas, a transgender, was able to win the 500 meter freestyle going away to become a NCAA Championship Women’s swimmer
And in so doing drove a nail into the heart of Title IX making women’s chance to win much more dimmer
Lia Thomas previously at Penn competed as a male
More often than not in her attempts to win a race against men would fail
A national debate quickly arose on why biologically born males could against women compete
Gender identity is not biology and a biological male has more muscles and lung capacity to women defeat
Women before Title IX in athletics were second class relegated to the crumbs of the athletic budget
Paltry dollars to spend unable to be increased despite the needs as athletics would begrudge it
If girls who now participate in women’s sports in school and college have to transgenders face
Why would they endure the time commitment and sacrifices to almost always finish out of first place
In this crazy woke world one’s professed and declare identity biology trumps
The idea of XY chromosomes to be a male and YY chromosomes to be a female tossed in the dump
The debate of transgenders’ place in society not confined to sports
As we now learn in a New Jersey Women’s prison report
At Edna Mahan’s Correctional Facility inmates do more than just consort
800 women behind bars along with 27 transgender males
Rules against sexual contact were doomed to fail
In a women’s prison unlikely access available for birth control
Two women now pregnant abort or give birth as a shorting sentence goal?

© April 14, 2022 The Alaskanpoet


Unnamed Blue Colleagues Question Whether Sen. Feinstein Cognitively Fit to Serve

 The motto at Stanford University students learn is “The Wind of Freedom Blows”

1 of its noted alumni Senator Dianne Feinstein must wonder if 4 her it's “The Wind of Aging Blows”

At age 88 this once clearly bright & intelligent senator & former San Francisco Mayor

Is causing concerns among unnamed colleagues that at 88 she seems mentally not all there

Given the fact that in public Blues R silent over Biden’s cognitive state

Not surprising Blues R reluctant to join in a Feinstein cognitive impairment debate

Feinstein used 2 Be a feared senator if witness tried 2 pull the wool over the senators’ eyes

No longer watching her repeating questions minutes ago answered her decline is hard 2 deny

Senator Grassley who's the same age seems totally physically fit

& none of his mental sharpness has faded or quit

Being a senator has many perks & understandable other than fund raising from it is hard 2 retire

But w/the nation facing issues that R complex & dangerous not to solve non cognitive impaired leaders R required

Not sure w/her husband gone who the senator confides in

But someone needs 2 inform her it's no longer possible 2 cognitively she’s okay spin

2 resign her committee chair as the Blues took over the Senate should have been a sign

That she has read the writing on the wall & w/a public nudge from Blue colleagues might resign

If not she becomes 4 term limits in the Senate the poster child

When cognitive impairment runs wild

© 4/14/22 The Alaskanpoet

Newsom Wants to Ban All NonEV Sales in California by 2035


Newsom’s latest idea is to ban the sale of new ICE cars by 2035
At a time today there are not enough charging stations to charge while one drives
At a time today there is little if any generating electrical energy on our power grid
During the summer in a heat wave utilities scrambling to avoid a blackout or brownout lid
During the Santa Anas blowing in full force creating wild fires surging across the state
With utilities to prevent further fires shutting off power until the fire dangers to abate
Even with electricity prices soaring we today face risks of brownouts and blackouts
And with the green dealers how are new power plants going to easily come about?
With coal and nuclear power plants most highly unlikely to ever be part of the state’s power quilt
Doubtful that enough new gas, solar or wind power plants to charge all the new EV’s can be built
Newsom’s plan may be a noble goal in the climate change fight
More likely the cart before the horse to increase from California business and high earners flight
New car prices thanks to Biden’s inane fossil fuel war induced inflation have soared
Although they may cost less to operate, EV’s even the cheapest to purchase cost several thousands more
Whereas it takes 5 or so minutes to fill up a normal tank and go
EV charging can be needed overnight charging slow
Though more and more charging stations are coming on line
It may be difficult to in multi-unit apartment buildings or condominiums to charging stations find
The market is already moving to more and more EV’s sold and more fast charging stations can be found
Ramming done the throats of consumers especially low income ones EV’s too soon is unsound
© 4/14/22 The Alaskanpoet


Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Double Down to Insure Weapons Get Through to Ukraine?

 Russia is reacting in anger and denial that lead from behind Biden is calling Putin and the nation out for genocide
And threatening military assistance to Ukraine that the convoys with weapons are legitimate military targets for our side
We may be now in a military escalation two step to a wider war
Made more likely each day that Russian objectives are not obtained and casualties soar
If arms are flown in do, we escort the flights?
Shoot down the Russian planes coming in an interdiction fight
If the arms come in by trucks do have AAA and stingers to shoot the Russians down?
In both cases are Ukrainians or US troops in the air or on the ground?

If we merely hand over the weapons outside Ukraine
And Ukrainians cannot protect the convoys from shells and missile rain
Do we up the ante to insure the weapons get through?
Run the risk that a de-escalation of the invasion chance we blew
Putin is already planning his next move to have Belarus join in
To prevent Ukrainian forces moving east so in the Donets he wins
Putin’s mind we cannot read only unlike Biden’s know it works
Totally oblivious to the dangers caused by his cognitive mess that lurk
We have put more than a toe into the resistance water with NATO too
Europe choosing gas over crippling sanctions will rue that NATO as a deterrent to the Bear is through
Time to insure more weapons and that they arrive
Ukraine not Russia’s ill-fated invasion must survive

© April 13, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Sussman Perjury Going to Trial HRC's Role in False Russian Collusion Delusion to Be Revealed?


The wheels of justice may move but even with the Clintons they move slow
Finally against a Clinton lawyer the charge of lying to trial will go
4 years of 24/7 charges of the Trump Russian Collusion will before a judge and jury be heard

The Steele Dossier paid for by HRC and the DNC to any objective person was claims absurd
Sussman tried to have the charges dropped and was denied
We will learn now whether a jury believed he lied
Russian involvement in the 2016 may have occurred but the source was a false HRC/DNC script
On hopes the Sussman trial will be the beginning of the unraveling of the deception losing its grip
Trump may have deserved  scorn for many acts
But a Putin ally and puppet was further from any fact
A MSM wallowing in bias and partisan fake news
Falling on deaf ears of Main Street America they despised but with straight faces tried to woo
Hopefully HRC’s role in the false collusion will be exposed
Nip in the bud her delusion that a door to her election run in 2024 has not already been closed

© April 13, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Blue Lt. Governor Brian Benjamin Resigns After Bribery, Wire Fraud, Conspiracy and Records Falsification Charges Filed


Listening to the news on politics in any location is too often a tale too often the same
The Bobbsey Twins of arrogance and ego engaging in the illegal activities while feeling immune from blame
The Reptilian Brain and the Quid Pro Quo Brain
From illegal activity they cannot refrain
In New York the Reptilian Brain must have taken the day off
Fully sated from the Cuomos’ activities at the sexual abuse trough
But the Quid Pro Quo Brain in New York was also alive and well
The Lt. Governor when a state senator was campaign contributions for favors ready to sell
Brian Benjamin is alleged to have taken in 50 grand for his campaign for state controller
From a well-connected real estate developer and high roller
While being vetted to be Lt. Governor to the existing Lt. Governor replace
As Governor Cuomo was being forced to resign in disgrace
Lied to conceal his 50 grand quid pro quo crime
Arrested today for bribery, conspiracy, honest services wire fraud and falsification of records
If convicted 5 to 20 years in prison will be his well-deserved award
Resigned today in disgrace in a sad day for those who want to believe in and trust their government
Not likely when the Reptilian Brain and the Quid Pro Quo Brain with only prior acts are never content
© April 13, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Monday, April 11, 2022

Entire Block in Santa Monica Loses Mail Service Due to Alleged Attacks on Letter Carriers


“Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds”
So goes the postal creed but now a new delay may have been found
For many years if postal carriers despite their dog spray were by dogs attacked
The resident would receive a notice that the letter carrier would not be coming back
But an alleged danger has erupted to cut off delivery of mail for an entire block
And its location should come as a complete shock
Not a street in Chicago where drug wars too often reign
And bullets strike day and night like heavy squalls of rain
No this street is located in the Golden State and not in Feces City or in the crime ridden areas of L.A.
No the street is the 1300 block of 14th Street in Santa Monica where several alleged attacks by a broomstick have come into play
The only reported attack was by an attacker known to the police and to the victim who will not charges press
Makes one wonder whether the Post Office overreacted when mail delivery they chose to suppress
Letter carriers must never be exposed to human or animal attack while delivering the mail
Here the exercise of judgment the Post Office has failed
If the perpetrator were to strike again he would know arrest and jail would be sure
A follow up chat by the Santa Monica Police would an absence of future acts insure
If the residents of the 1300 block have to the post office drive each day
Much harder for the Green New Dealers the increase in carbon emissions allay
If letter service to an entire block is suspended will the letter carriers be able earlier leave
Or suffer less stress in delivery deadlines to be able to achieve?
April 11, 2022 The Alaskanpoet


Jen Psaki Who Lies Like a Rug Will Be at Home with Icon of Fake News MSNBC


Finally Jen Psaki will be leaving her White House Press Secretary podium
To be a “journalist” at MSNBC best known for being a fake news odeum
She has dodged questions  and the truth concealed since day one
With the furor over Harris over hugging Judge Jackson a video shows her distaste for the truth is not done
To the furor of a positive testing Harris hugging Jackson quell
Tried to the lie Harris had on her mask before tried to sell
Sadly a video with Harris maskless but not cackling at an executive signing event
Why when the Blue elite ignore mask mandates do they act is if masks do not the spread prevent?
Yet continue to espouse we follow the science lie
While more and more Americans are smart enough to their credibility deny
If Psaki thinks her new gig will her credibility advance and restore
She’s at sea as journalists even more than politicians are despised and ignored
Doubt her replacement if comes to truth and integrity will be any better
When the entire White House Communications staff is 24/7 keep views of his dementia fetter
© April 9, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Historic High March Inflation Numbers to Be Released--Biden SOL Can't Blame Trump Putin Blame Not Believable


The inflation numbers for March on Tuesday will be released
Predictions are that it will be a historic 8.4% increase
Biden is in a world of hurt
It’s Trump’s fault he cannot assert
So the blame game rhetoric is unleashed against Vladimir
It's Putin’s fault that inflation with a vengeance has appeared
Problem for Biden is that so few believe from Biden what they hear
As inflation erodes their IRA’s and 401(k)’s a lower standard of living they now fear
Motorists at service stations filling up their tanks
Know it’s time for “Let’s Give Brandon our thanks”
Shut down Keystone on his office’s first day
Probably would have been finished sending close to 1 million barrels daily our way
War on fossil fuels to close ANWR and new leases on federal lands to increased production delay
Permits needed to drill and build pipelines from wells in slow walk
The only new oil we see is the release to reelect Blues from Strategic Reserve Stocks
Trillions of federal stimulus dollars with less goods to chase
Set off inflation at a truly historic pace
Blames Putin when as Russian forces for months were massing Biden massive amounts of lethal weapons did not send
Only the threat of sanctions which we now know were not to a Russian invasion prevent or even end
In less than 7 months a new mandate will be imposed in town
Not masks but Blues flushed from control of House and Senate to set aside the policies of our dementia infected clown
© 4/11/22 The Alaskanpoet

Sunday, April 10, 2022

Biden Wants His DOJ to Focus on Ghost Guns and Ignore Why So Many Shooters Are on the Streets in the First Place i wfoducu H


Like it takes two to tango, it takes two to have a gun shooting
Obvious one needs a gun which for more control the Blues are always rooting
The other one is the shooter, law abiding whose shooting was not an accident or a crime
Or a shooter who is using the gun to commit and merits jail on conviction almost all the time
As gun violence across the nations soars
The need to prosecute to the full extent more liberal D.A.’s ignore
Not just for using a gun but committing a violent crime
A sad omen one or other lethal weapon will be used next time
A one to punch against the public of lenient charging if at all D.A.’s
And liberal judges not reading the tea leaves and sending these thugs to prisons for much longer stays
Biden and his DOJ want to focus on ghost guns put together by shooters with nontraceable parts
If the police cannot trace a firearm the hunt for the shooter is hampered for the very start
Not sure what parts make a gun a “ghost gun” but hopefully not scopes, tripods or decorative stocks do not meet the test
But it makes sense to be able to more easily link firearms to the shooter the police want to arrest
But focus on the guns and not the shooters will not reduce the number of victims shot
More effective to focus on forcing D.A.’s to prosecute and enhanced sentencing to have sought
Along with supervised probation for nonviolent and drug crimes as opposed to jail that is a school for how not to be arrested
With better planning and implementation of their crime so investigative attempts will be bested
And since quantity is also an aspect of the quality of the cops
More cops with better training, better nonlethal subduing methods so the excessive use of force or wrongful deaths suits are at least reduced if not stopped
© April 10, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Friday, April 8, 2022

Day 44 and the Maiming and Killing of Civilians in Ukraine Keeps Occuring

Today in Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine is day number 44
From the Russians another day of targeting civilians unleashing death and gore
At a train station in Kramatorsk in eastern Ukraine
39 civilians try to flee were by a Russian missile slain
Slovakia a former Soviet Republic in military aid is stepping up to plate
S-300 anti-aircraft missile system for any attacking planes will soon await
It may not be practical to cover the nation with Iron Domes
But at least could we not turn major cities into no missile zones?
So far Putin is in no mood to end this unprovoked war
And probably in no hurry until Russian casualties begin to soar
More new sanctions keep being on Russia named
But there is one sanction that will cause Putin to from future aggression refrain
That would be a worldwide boycott of Russian oil
But it is clear today from it India and China will recoil
OPEC would have to step up and produce more
And the Biden Administration would have to end its cut back fossil fuel war
So production increased to replace the Russian oil lost
Assuming we could convince China to join as it needs continued access to the American market continuing the war would be too great a cost
On China may be a pipe dream as Taiwan would be a bargaining chip
So plan B Iron Domes and increase the weapons flow to increase Russian dead so like Afghanistan Russian war support would slip
© April 8, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Thursday, April 7, 2022

Russia Admits Significant Losses to Go with 7 Dead Generals--a Quick Deja Vu Afghanistan and Bye Bye Putin


Truth is always the first casualty of war
The military never wants to reveal when its casualties soar
Russia has been tight lipped as to its attacks
But cannot conceal that the Ukrainians have been pushing them back
Revealing war crimes against civilians that can now be told
In eastern Ukraine despite massive destruction of cities they have continued hold
Russia has now revealed as it redeploys its forces from Kviv
In an admission that to swiftly take the city it could not achieve
That its forces have suffered casualties that have been significant
Proof positive that the Ukrainians in defense of their nation have been magnificent
NATO has estimated that 7 to 15 thousand Russians have died
While Russians have admitted 7 of its generals have not death defied
If the number 15,000 is correct or close, Putin should be working up a sweat
In 9 years of war in Afghanistan 15,000 Soviet troops were by death met
Whatever weapons we can send to increase Russian body counts we should send
When more and more body bags start arriving in Russia Putin’s term may quickly end
More weapons to enable Ukrainians to not just defend but to regain ground
God help the Russians in world opinion if more evidence of war crimes are found
Maybe time to start building some Iron Domes
To prevent Ukrainian cities from being deadly killing zones
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Psaki: Pelosi Hugging and Check Kissing Biden Not "Close Contact" As She Has Tested Positive


Pelosi announced she has tested positive for COVID-19
After being in close contact with Obama and Biden in an Obamacare reunion scene
A Biden hug and a kiss on his cheek within 6 feet during the event
Raising questions of how to infection of the elderly prevent
When asked Psaki’s answer raised the question of the CDC’s guidelines
Close contact is within 6 feet for at least 15 minutes by them defined
So much for the idea of wearing masks to curtail the spread by a sneeze or kiss
Sneezes and kisses are usually far shorter and the target would move to the next sneeze miss
The CDC’s record on guidelines for protection leave a lot to be desired
And its stuck record of needing to be masked in many cases we have tired
Since Pelosi is over 80 despite her views we wish her well
But although we know the applications for Botox have expanded COVID-19 protections is a hard sell
© April 7, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Tiger Is Back at the Masters Ending One Under Par After First Day


Probably the best golfer ever to tee off on a fairway
After almost losing a leg has returned to Augusta in the Masters play
Tiger Woods who has won the Masters 5 times on the last day wearing red
Saved par on the 18th green to end the day 1 under instead
Near the top to play in the second round
The powers to be in golf wanting only to hear “Tiger made the cut” sound
In his prime Tiger was the golf alchemist that that turned par 5’s into par 4’s
No hole safe from an eagle by him being scored
A game totally complete and if in the lead on Sunday total by the pack feared
Without such a superstar the ratings of tournaments and golf’s popularity somewhat disappeared
Fan hope the leg strength does not fade
And he is able to make the cut grade
And those, whose memories of past Master’s wins are vivid, yearn for a repeat
Seeing him in a green jacket smiling that a career ending accident he was able to cheat.
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Wednesday, April 6, 2022

End of Title 42 in May May Mean 18,000 Illegals a Day Crossing the Border


Not only is the southern border wide open but it seems there are welcome signs
All who cross this river should have no fear of being deported until you reach the head of the asylum court hearing line
Have no worry if you when years from now you get a notice and fail to appear
ICE is handcuffed by the Biden Administration so you can stay here
The only effective tool this nation has to expel illegal aliens is Title 42
Which has been used extensively to insure encountered aliens’ time here is through
Bowing to the open borders warriors of the left deportations under Title 42 will end in May
Projections are that we will be invaded by up to 18,000 illegals a day
There are only 2 ways to end this invasion other than ending an amnesty right
The first could be done immediately which would end the invasion overnight
All applications for amnesty would have to be filed with the U.S. in an applicant’s home nation
If not so filed or if denied and caught after entering the U.S. that illegal is deported without hesitation
The second would take more time but would cause the stream of illegals to become a mere drip
If illegals when they became eligible to vote more likely voted Red the Blues like rats would jump the open border ship
© April 6, 2022 The Alaskanpoet