Thursday, April 7, 2022

Psaki: Pelosi Hugging and Check Kissing Biden Not "Close Contact" As She Has Tested Positive


Pelosi announced she has tested positive for COVID-19
After being in close contact with Obama and Biden in an Obamacare reunion scene
A Biden hug and a kiss on his cheek within 6 feet during the event
Raising questions of how to infection of the elderly prevent
When asked Psaki’s answer raised the question of the CDC’s guidelines
Close contact is within 6 feet for at least 15 minutes by them defined
So much for the idea of wearing masks to curtail the spread by a sneeze or kiss
Sneezes and kisses are usually far shorter and the target would move to the next sneeze miss
The CDC’s record on guidelines for protection leave a lot to be desired
And its stuck record of needing to be masked in many cases we have tired
Since Pelosi is over 80 despite her views we wish her well
But although we know the applications for Botox have expanded COVID-19 protections is a hard sell
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