Sunday, April 17, 2022

On Easter To Beat Inflation Look to the Gutenberg Hare

 This is the Holy Season of Christians, Muslims and Jews
  A time to reflect on one's faith and make sure it was not diminished but grew
Christians being slaughtered in the Ukraine
By Russian Communists and Eastern Orthodox Christians only in name
At home the inflation winds are rising in full force
Show no signs of diminishing their destructive course
The Biden inflation by him so misnamed
The Putin inflation by Biden wrongly blamed
Almost everything humans need to survive is costing more
From gas to shelter to clothing to food are all costing so much more
Easter egg hunts an Easter staple almost break the bank
Middle class and low income families suffering as their savings tank
Wondering when if ever we can place inflation into a price reducing coks   asket
Or maybe turning to a more affordable Easter Basket
This Easter instead of dyed or candied eggs  look to books pack
Still fairly cheap especially when they are e-books or paperbacks
Honor the Easter Bunny but leave room for the Gutenberg Hare
Unlike dyed or chocolate eggs books can be again and again shared

© April 17, 2022 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

With inflation raging on this Easter I thought you would enjoy this poem on the Easter Bunny and the Gutenberg Hare I wrote in 2005. Have a great Easter!

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