Friday, April 8, 2022

Day 44 and the Maiming and Killing of Civilians in Ukraine Keeps Occuring

Today in Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine is day number 44
From the Russians another day of targeting civilians unleashing death and gore
At a train station in Kramatorsk in eastern Ukraine
39 civilians try to flee were by a Russian missile slain
Slovakia a former Soviet Republic in military aid is stepping up to plate
S-300 anti-aircraft missile system for any attacking planes will soon await
It may not be practical to cover the nation with Iron Domes
But at least could we not turn major cities into no missile zones?
So far Putin is in no mood to end this unprovoked war
And probably in no hurry until Russian casualties begin to soar
More new sanctions keep being on Russia named
But there is one sanction that will cause Putin to from future aggression refrain
That would be a worldwide boycott of Russian oil
But it is clear today from it India and China will recoil
OPEC would have to step up and produce more
And the Biden Administration would have to end its cut back fossil fuel war
So production increased to replace the Russian oil lost
Assuming we could convince China to join as it needs continued access to the American market continuing the war would be too great a cost
On China may be a pipe dream as Taiwan would be a bargaining chip
So plan B Iron Domes and increase the weapons flow to increase Russian dead so like Afghanistan Russian war support would slip
© April 8, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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