Monday, April 11, 2022

Jen Psaki Who Lies Like a Rug Will Be at Home with Icon of Fake News MSNBC


Finally Jen Psaki will be leaving her White House Press Secretary podium
To be a “journalist” at MSNBC best known for being a fake news odeum
She has dodged questions  and the truth concealed since day one
With the furor over Harris over hugging Judge Jackson a video shows her distaste for the truth is not done
To the furor of a positive testing Harris hugging Jackson quell
Tried to the lie Harris had on her mask before tried to sell
Sadly a video with Harris maskless but not cackling at an executive signing event
Why when the Blue elite ignore mask mandates do they act is if masks do not the spread prevent?
Yet continue to espouse we follow the science lie
While more and more Americans are smart enough to their credibility deny
If Psaki thinks her new gig will her credibility advance and restore
She’s at sea as journalists even more than politicians are despised and ignored
Doubt her replacement if comes to truth and integrity will be any better
When the entire White House Communications staff is 24/7 keep views of his dementia fetter
© April 9, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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