Friday, April 29, 2022

Spineless W.H. Press Corps Afraid to Challenge Psaki


The White House Press Corps once was viewed as comprising the elite of the press
Who would subject top government officials to all manner of scrutiny and distress
But with Obama as the first black president the press conferences lost their hardball heaters, sliders, sinkers and curves
The American public did not enjoy the scrutiny by the 4th Estate in the past it had deserved
More and more the questions seemed like change ups telegraphed to easily respond
Or covered staged events well attended to commemorate events on the White House Lawn
8 years and when it was time to a new president elect
HRC the first woman running for the job seemed to the chosen one the press wanted to select
Trump was a different candidate not beholden the Washington press elite
Their coverage of him seemed slanted to assure his defeat
Where HRC had small crowds with little excitement or passion Trump had thousands of rabid fans
The MSM missed the populist surge that before their eyes was sweeping the land
Trump was elected and immediately hit with the false Russian collusion and an enraged Blue core that claimed he was not fit
Savaged by a media on steroid for its leftist slant and an anti-Trump bias that for his term never would quit
Trump’s ideas were sound but his abrasive demeanor outraged the MSM and Blues and large numbers of Red suburban women vote
Biden campaigned from his basement thanks to COVID and the MSM who would not on his growing dementia any time devote
Won the election amidst all manner of MSM accolade and praise
Only to have the border overcome by massive illegal migration surge, botched Afghanistan withdrawal and prices at historic inflationary raises
Biden still walked on water for the MSM but which soon started to melt
As the ravages of inflation growing each day were felt
Instead of holding Biden to account the press corps save Fox seemed to cower
We learned too many of them have no stomach to battle Psaki and are fearful of her power
© 4/29/22 The Alaskanpoet

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