Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Russian Genocide and War Crimes Shifts from Kviv to Donbas in the East


It is now day 55 of the “special military operation” launched against Ukraine
After to the surprise of all seeing their easy conquest of Kviv contained
Licking their wounds the Russians have repositioned their forces to attack in the east
Against a Ukrainian army bolstered by NATO arms to insure Russian deaths increase
Dulled by the Holocaust, the Killing Fields, and the Rwanda genocide
The world is slowly starting to the Russian barbarity derided
Condemnations of Ukrainians executed with hands tied behind their backs
By an uncivilized barbaric horde that any adherence to the rules of war lack
Will not in the slightest deter the Bear’s genocidal war crimes and increasing Russian body bags
Only when more weapons flood into Ukraine to kill more Russians than the home front can endure and their support lags
It will be a hard sell but any nation that buys Russian oil has Ukrainian blood on its hands
Those nations need to tighten their energy consumption belts while the Ukrainians this new Russian assault withstand
 Training more Ukrainians to the deadly U.S. weapons use the more Russians will die
And like the disaster in Afghanistan much louder as the body bags pile up will for Putin support deny
This tyrant by his people should be viewed as a one trick pony who has played his cards
Lost with Ukraine still killing Russians and his “special military operation” marred
Economy in tatters, a pariah to the entire world and the cream of Russian youth to buried beneath the steppes
Time to replace this genocidal tyrant before more parents, wives, and girlfriends wept
© April 19, 2022 The Alaskanpoet  


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