Thursday, April 28, 2022

Putin Wants More Than Ukraine Look for Aggression in Moldova Time Restart Oil and Gas Independence Race


Despite fears that more federal spending is causing inflation to spike
Biden is sending to Congress a bill for $33 billion to arms and humanitarian aid to Ukraine hike
For those who rejoiced that Russia in attacks around Kviv suffered a setback
Should not be optimistic that it will not learn from mistakes and be on more attacks
Look only to the experience of the Soviet Union in the Finland Winter War
The outnumbered out gunned Finns stopped the Soviets cold and watched their deaths soar
But after 2 months of heavy losses the Soviets shifted tactics and began to the Finns overcome
Five weeks later after ceding 9% of its territory to the Soviets the war was done
The Russians are now in East in full force trying to a land bridge to the Crimea take
Then move to occupy Odessa on the Black Sea and Ukraine landlocked make
Not to be outdone reports are that Russia is active in tiny Moldova with its Russian speaking residents
most of whom are in Trinisteria where the ethnic Russians comprise of the population 29%
Like the two Russian breakaway provinces in Eastern Ukraine
Do not get your hopes up that from invading Moldova Russia will refrain
Like Ukraine the country is not a member of NATO but has not expressed a desire to became a treaty member
When the dust settles in the Ukraine and if not enough Russians have died will Putin believe the West will not be a defender?
The world is becoming a very dangerous place
And with Russia’s petroleum and natural gas weapons we have not kept pace
Access to oil and gas will weapons of war replace
Time to end our war our fossil fuels and back to the energy surplus race
© 42822 The Alaskanpoet

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