Thursday, April 14, 2022

Jail Transgenders with Women Prisoners and Surprise You End Up With Pregnant Female Inmates


Lia Thomas, a transgender, was able to win the 500 meter freestyle going away to become a NCAA Championship Women’s swimmer
And in so doing drove a nail into the heart of Title IX making women’s chance to win much more dimmer
Lia Thomas previously at Penn competed as a male
More often than not in her attempts to win a race against men would fail
A national debate quickly arose on why biologically born males could against women compete
Gender identity is not biology and a biological male has more muscles and lung capacity to women defeat
Women before Title IX in athletics were second class relegated to the crumbs of the athletic budget
Paltry dollars to spend unable to be increased despite the needs as athletics would begrudge it
If girls who now participate in women’s sports in school and college have to transgenders face
Why would they endure the time commitment and sacrifices to almost always finish out of first place
In this crazy woke world one’s professed and declare identity biology trumps
The idea of XY chromosomes to be a male and YY chromosomes to be a female tossed in the dump
The debate of transgenders’ place in society not confined to sports
As we now learn in a New Jersey Women’s prison report
At Edna Mahan’s Correctional Facility inmates do more than just consort
800 women behind bars along with 27 transgender males
Rules against sexual contact were doomed to fail
In a women’s prison unlikely access available for birth control
Two women now pregnant abort or give birth as a shorting sentence goal?

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