Thursday, April 21, 2022

A Dose of Sanity as Austin's $1000 a Month Guaranteed Income Plan for 84 Recipients Is Paused for Further Study


Texas may be a Red State but Austin is as Blue as Blue can be
With a lone Red council person to try to stop its leftist leanings and spending sprees
The latest equity push in the city of Austin is a pilot program for one year
For 84 residents of the city a monthly check of one thousand dollars will appear
A guaranteed short term income with no qualifications or metrics to determine what has or should be achieved
$1.8 million in a program designed only to some imagined suffering or inequality be relieved
Some small degree of sanity by the sole Red put the brakes on the experiment
Before the $1.8 flies out the door and by the lucky 84 is spent
For staff to fine tune the parameters to other than welfare state dependence enhance
Money divorced from work does not seem a way to ladders out of poverty advance
If Austin is the model for economic prosperity Texas is in dire straits
A thriving hotbed of venture capital startups will in a welfare mode as opposed to risk abate
Texas represented by the likes of Bozo O’Rourke would be an economic disaster
The death of entrepreneurial startups and its oil sector crippled by the Green New Deal masters
We pray it is not to be and the people leaving California for the Lone Star State
Are Reds attracted by low taxes, low regulations and an economy that’s first rate.
© April 21, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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