Saturday, April 16, 2022

USS Sullivans a floating museum in Buffalo which dodged sinking in WWII and Korean War almost sinks


The USS Sullivans the first U.S. warship named after more than one person fought in WWII and the Korean War

Attacked on numerous times in the Pacific by Japanese planes whose bombs and torpedoes failed to score
Named after the 5 Sullivan brothers  who served on the USS Juneau sunk in the Battle of Guadalcanal by a long lance
Who hit the water alive but since no other U.S. ship stopped lost any survival chance
Noted for its large shamrock on a funnel to bring it luck
Which it never lost even though the funnel was lost when a typhoon struck
A long career of being in harm’s way
Always escorting the carriers keeping planes and Kamikazes away
Recommissioned to fight in the Korean War to escort carriers and bombard enemy troops on land
The karma of the shamrock still present as awhile shelling a rail bridge 50 shells fired from shore she dodged to withstand
Decommissioned in the 70’s and designated as a museum ship in 1977 along with the USS Little Rock

The news today out of her mooring at Buffalo came as a real bad karma shock
The ship that defied sinking in two wars suddenly was listing with thousands of gallons of sea water through its hull starting to pour
Emergency pumps were quickly found and began pumping the water out to risk of sinking and the list end
Although damage to the hull not yet found it looks like this noble warship will not in Davy Jones shallow locker soon end.

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