Monday, April 11, 2022

Historic High March Inflation Numbers to Be Released--Biden SOL Can't Blame Trump Putin Blame Not Believable


The inflation numbers for March on Tuesday will be released
Predictions are that it will be a historic 8.4% increase
Biden is in a world of hurt
It’s Trump’s fault he cannot assert
So the blame game rhetoric is unleashed against Vladimir
It's Putin’s fault that inflation with a vengeance has appeared
Problem for Biden is that so few believe from Biden what they hear
As inflation erodes their IRA’s and 401(k)’s a lower standard of living they now fear
Motorists at service stations filling up their tanks
Know it’s time for “Let’s Give Brandon our thanks”
Shut down Keystone on his office’s first day
Probably would have been finished sending close to 1 million barrels daily our way
War on fossil fuels to close ANWR and new leases on federal lands to increased production delay
Permits needed to drill and build pipelines from wells in slow walk
The only new oil we see is the release to reelect Blues from Strategic Reserve Stocks
Trillions of federal stimulus dollars with less goods to chase
Set off inflation at a truly historic pace
Blames Putin when as Russian forces for months were massing Biden massive amounts of lethal weapons did not send
Only the threat of sanctions which we now know were not to a Russian invasion prevent or even end
In less than 7 months a new mandate will be imposed in town
Not masks but Blues flushed from control of House and Senate to set aside the policies of our dementia infected clown
© 4/11/22 The Alaskanpoet

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