Thursday, April 21, 2022

When Opinion Trumps News at CNN+ CNN Pulls The Plug Who's Listening At CNN


CNN who launched its new streaming service CNN+ to quickly pull its plug
Found it was about as welcome in TV households as an infestation of bugs
Quickly realized it had been renamed with a plus instead of a minus as a better gauge
Of the small number of viewers willing to stream watching a lot of the leftist slants still rage
Should have had a warning label for viewers to sit in front of the TV upwind
The stench of the cack being spewed not enough of it the moguls should have tried to rescind
Zucker thankfully has packed his bias bags and departed
And Morse who was to be in charge is leaving some 30 days after CNN+ had started
Should not have taken a rocket scientist to know
That as hard as it is for a bald man to new hair grow
A diehard biased “journalist” like Stelter
Where over the top leftist rhetoric would always find welcome shelter
Would be like the leopard who genetically cannot change this spots
Unless some objectivity he somehow after all these years can obtain his news career is shot
Along with 500 former CNN+ employees who gambled to their careers advance
Soon to be collecting unemployment hoping CNN and other outlets will give them a chance
© April 21, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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