Saturday, April 16, 2022

Watch Russian War Crimes in East Soar

 The Ukraine War continues as Russia has sent its forces near Kviv 2 Ukraine’s East

Deploying 2 soon attack w/a level of violence against civilians that'll increase The world saw in horror w/increasing disdain Bombs & missiles on civilian targets falling like monsoon rains Biden was hit w/the disease of arming Ukrainians dilly dally When weeks earlier a Russian convoy miles long bumper 2 bumper was a perfect target 2 add 2 the Russian death tally Arms R starting 2 flow that caused the Russian offensive near Kviv 2 grind 2 an end 4 Ukraine 2 win back territories in the East will we offensive weapons send? The most effective weapon against the Russian Bear That would quickly declaw him & send him slinking back 2 his lair Would B a boycott on any Russian oil whose enable Putin 2 fund his unprovoked war Not likely w/India & China stepping up 2 the plate 2 buy a steady stream of oil even as civilian casualties soar Rising gas prices have finally forced Biden 2 take a baby step 2 domestic production increase Ending his EO drilling ban on 20 % of federal lands but on his war against fossil fuel he hasn't ceased Putin has in a way done the world a favor Not being energy independent makes a country far less safer A day'll come when renewables'll power all our vehicles, light all our homes & our all our factories run But until that day comes need fossil fuels 2 bridge & must not fossil fuel production shun © 4/16/22 The Alaskanpoet

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