Monday, April 18, 2022

Fentanyl 50 Times More Potent than Heroin on a Killing Speed Due to Open Border


Heroin compared to fentanyl for a deadly overdose
At 50 times weaker does not even come close
A minute amount whether taken by choice or not known
Is the master Grim Reaper when it comes to minute amounts sown
The perfect storm of fentanyl made in China then sent to Mexico’s shores
Cut into more doses or in other products mixed has caused fentanyl deaths to soar
Knowingly taking fentanyl is like playing Russian Roulette with only one chamber unable to kill
Taking it knowingly or unwillingly and into overdose land where the heart quickly stills
In Feces City a group of mothers who have suffered from their kids overdosing and then dying
Destroying the myth that drugs bought on the street the nature of the ingredients you can be relyin
Putting up posters that inform a user “One pill one Kill”
A drug sent by the cartel with no morals as millions fill their till
How many kids have to die before our anger reaches critical mass
We force Blues to join the fight to secure our borders so very little drugs get past
Now the cartels with their drug money are laughing all the to the banks
Making more money from illegals than drugs while the future of our youth into coffins sank
In Ohio a Doctor Husel was on trial for overprescribing fentanyl and causing 14 patients to die
A hung jury that at least one juror believed the doctor was only trying to suffering from pain deny
Believed the one paid expert witness that fentanyl did not death cause
If stands leaving the victims’ families to believe our legal system is flawed
© April 18, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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