Sunday, April 24, 2022

Elizabeth Warren Delusionally Thinks Blues Will Be Swept Away Because They Haven't Passed the Progressive Agenda


After enduring Elisabeth Warren’s latest rants and anti-Red gripes
It should be clear she’s not smoking tobacco in her Pocahontas pipe
Listening to her is listening to someone who is on drugs which reality shed
She’s right on point that the Blues are going to take it in the shorts if a different path they don’t take instead
What neurons that still spark predicting a Red wave are right as rain
But her solution is to not let the Progressive agenda be flushed down the drain
Switch the blame for inflation from too much money chasing too few goods
An inflation cause that economists have long agreed with and understood
No she want to shift the blame on corporate monopoly power assumed greed
Totally oblivious to Biden’s war on fossil fuels that have devastated the oil production we need
Every item we buy and consume needs to be transported by ship, air, truck or van, rail or ship
Paying higher transportation costs due to higher gas and oil tightens inflation’s grip
Listening to her and to our cognitive impaired Biden
Clear any Progressive Agenda wins will the landslide widen
Reds want to secure the border to reduce illegal immigration, crime and drug induced deaths
End the plague of Blue run cities’ addiction to catch and then release violent felons on no bail
While throughout the inner cities oblivious to the mostly victims of color anguished wails
Let’s pray Warren keeps puffing and ranting to increase the Blue seats lost
To shackle Biden’s spending, taxing and regulatory plans with their far too high costs
© 4/24/22 The Alaskanpoet


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