Monday, April 25, 2022

On Border Biden Should Be Impeached and Mayorkas Fired But Harris as a Disaster Will Prevent


In Biden land the death of person trying to secure our borders the need for condolences doesn’t rate
Texas National Guardsman Bishop Evans who also served time in Kuwait
Degeared, jumped into the Rio Grande River to drowning of two illegals abate
And instead it was he who would suffer a drowning fate
The two illegals survived and may have been trying to bring illegal drugs across
Instead allowing their criminal activity result in their lives being lost
Thinking only that they needed to be saved
He is the victim who will go to a far too early grave
Biden’s, Harris’ and Mayorkas’ warnings the border is closed and not the time to cross
The videos of thousands of illegals who daily cross mean the effect of the warnings are lost
This troika of an open border who claiming the need to address root causes on solutions dilly dally
Are overjoyed that thousands more each day are added to the illegals released into the interior tally
Biden has refused to execute the laws of the land to the tsunami of illegals prevent
Blues narrow majority in the House until January 3, 2023 mean this year no articles of impeachment
Given the fact Harris is viewed as more of a disaster than Biden
The chances of a Senate conviction diminish not widen
From Biden on Evans’ death only silent sounds
Doubt he will appear at funeral as the mourners in uniform will turn their backs around
We can only vent against the troika’s shame
And in 2024 at the polls Blues and Biden blame
© 4/25/22 The Alaskanpoet

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