Thursday, April 14, 2022

Newsom Wants to Ban All NonEV Sales in California by 2035


Newsom’s latest idea is to ban the sale of new ICE cars by 2035
At a time today there are not enough charging stations to charge while one drives
At a time today there is little if any generating electrical energy on our power grid
During the summer in a heat wave utilities scrambling to avoid a blackout or brownout lid
During the Santa Anas blowing in full force creating wild fires surging across the state
With utilities to prevent further fires shutting off power until the fire dangers to abate
Even with electricity prices soaring we today face risks of brownouts and blackouts
And with the green dealers how are new power plants going to easily come about?
With coal and nuclear power plants most highly unlikely to ever be part of the state’s power quilt
Doubtful that enough new gas, solar or wind power plants to charge all the new EV’s can be built
Newsom’s plan may be a noble goal in the climate change fight
More likely the cart before the horse to increase from California business and high earners flight
New car prices thanks to Biden’s inane fossil fuel war induced inflation have soared
Although they may cost less to operate, EV’s even the cheapest to purchase cost several thousands more
Whereas it takes 5 or so minutes to fill up a normal tank and go
EV charging can be needed overnight charging slow
Though more and more charging stations are coming on line
It may be difficult to in multi-unit apartment buildings or condominiums to charging stations find
The market is already moving to more and more EV’s sold and more fast charging stations can be found
Ramming done the throats of consumers especially low income ones EV’s too soon is unsound
© 4/14/22 The Alaskanpoet


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