Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Double Down to Insure Weapons Get Through to Ukraine?

 Russia is reacting in anger and denial that lead from behind Biden is calling Putin and the nation out for genocide
And threatening military assistance to Ukraine that the convoys with weapons are legitimate military targets for our side
We may be now in a military escalation two step to a wider war
Made more likely each day that Russian objectives are not obtained and casualties soar
If arms are flown in do, we escort the flights?
Shoot down the Russian planes coming in an interdiction fight
If the arms come in by trucks do have AAA and stingers to shoot the Russians down?
In both cases are Ukrainians or US troops in the air or on the ground?

If we merely hand over the weapons outside Ukraine
And Ukrainians cannot protect the convoys from shells and missile rain
Do we up the ante to insure the weapons get through?
Run the risk that a de-escalation of the invasion chance we blew
Putin is already planning his next move to have Belarus join in
To prevent Ukrainian forces moving east so in the Donets he wins
Putin’s mind we cannot read only unlike Biden’s know it works
Totally oblivious to the dangers caused by his cognitive mess that lurk
We have put more than a toe into the resistance water with NATO too
Europe choosing gas over crippling sanctions will rue that NATO as a deterrent to the Bear is through
Time to insure more weapons and that they arrive
Ukraine not Russia’s ill-fated invasion must survive

© April 13, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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