Thursday, April 28, 2022

New Sheriff in Town Now Twitter on Censorship Will Frown


The left about censorship could care less
They were in charge of what we could hear for they knew what was best
Now there is at Twitter a new sheriff in town
The prior banning will no longer bring conservative thought down
Socialism, CRT, and Project 19 could never thoughtful examination withstand
Which is why the algorithms were designed to bar conservative thought from the land
So easy when the left could brand disinformation as that which dissents
And could away from public forums be quickly banished and sent
The Blues happy as clams that dissent to the MSM point of view was so easy to banish
So those looking for a diet of conservative ideas would always be famished
No if Musk has his way banning opposing ideas will fade away
And the merits of the arguments of the speakers will sway
Problem for the left is that their debate skills have become a lost art
Their captive audience hearing only one side has seen fit to depart
The best defense against ideas is not to opposing views curtail
But more speech on why your position is best to convincingly detail
Elon Musk desires not condemnation or bitter attacks
Rather praise for his ideas on free speech will assist a strong democracy coming back
© 4/28/22 The Alaskanpoet

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