Monday, April 18, 2022

Oklahoma Parents of Middle Schools Rightfully Concerned Transgenders Due to Biden Can Share Bathrooms with Girls


Judge now Justice Jackson could not or would not a woman define
Biden Administration must believe sex is not biology which confines

The standard is not the XY chromosome presence or absence
But something that most Americans must feel as pure nonsense
The test should be the sex you identify with
Time to treat biology as only a myth
Ignore the fact that men have more muscle and lungs with capacity that is much greater
Which means in athletic competition against them women’s chances will crater
Maybe the inclusive elite are blind to the fact that men have testicles and a dick
And a girl forced to share a bathroom might be concerned in her he might want to stick
Two Unisex bathrooms with one stall each and on the door from the inside able to block
Are not the end of the world when to do her business a woman spends often more time on the clock
But multistalled unisex bathrooms especially with urinals
Means a girl might be exposed to a dick coming out of her stall
A bathroom should be a private space free of peeping Toms 
Especially transgenders who assaults on girls may have no qualms
If this argument does not the leftist inclusion elite sway
They should think of manufacturing jobs for urinals that will go away.
© April 18, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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